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WhatsApp is one of the most prominent messaging applications we have today, which has maintained its relevance even with more than a decade of its existence and received stiff competition from formidable messaging apps like Telegram and Signal.

Anyone who has been using Android smartphones, if needed to switchover to iPhone, would know the problem in transferring the chats from one phone to another because the migration of chats takes a long time, which is why here will learn on how to do it.

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  • WhatsApp data transfer from Android to iPhone is no easy task but following a step-by-step routine can manage things out easily.
  • While Factory Reset is an important part of transferring data but here we will learn on how to do so without it.
  • It can be achieved easily through AnyTrans software from iMobie.

Transferring WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone

Using WhatsApp has become an everyday task ever since the messaging platform came out more than a decade back in 2011, where it was initially seen as an upgraded alternative to SMS, but in fact was much more than that.

WhatsApp has become the de facto king of messaging platforms despite receiving stiff competition from the likes of Telegram and Signal, both with a significant following of their own.

Android users, more often that iOS ones, feel the need to switchover to iPhones and want to transfer all their WhatsApp data to it, which is easier said than done because chat migration from Android to iOS is a major obstacle.

WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone

Users need to factory reset their iPhones first before transferring WhatsApp data to it, which indicates that all the data on their iPhones will be gone and, to make matters worse, moving data to iOS is known for being unstable, buggy, slow, and lethargic.

‘Move to iOS’ has received abysmal app ratings and reviews on Google Play, which when you visit, you would find a slew of one-star reviews that don’t seem to end.

Fortunately, transferring WhatsApp messages can be achieved at a better and faster pace from Android to iOS without factory reset via the iMobie AnyTrans software, which is why many experts have recommended it to users.

Thanks to AnyTrans, there is no need to reset the iPhone or its contents for performing any operation, which is why chats are transferred with the same structure as on the Android device, due to which users can continue on the same device right from where they had ended.

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Steps to Transfer

  • The first step is to download AnyTrans on your PC, Connect your Android and iPhone to it via USB, and Click on the “Social Messages Manager” mode
  • Then you click on WhatsApp to Device, tap on “Transfer Now” to move on
  • Your Android is your source phone that you have to select, while your new iPhone is the target, upon which you click on the “Next” button for transferring WhatsApp messages to your iOS
  • AnyTrans will show pop-up instructions that you need to follow to continue; where you backup your WhatsApp on Android, Install WhatsApp’s enhanced version on your Android, and allow phone storage access
  • Now, you log in to your WhatsApp on Android and tap the ‘Restore’ button, through which backup will be restored, and then click ‘Next’ on AnyTrans
  • AnyTrans will start transferring your WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone

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