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  • The all-new Sony Walkman has been launched in India.
  • Sony NW-ZX707 Walkman price is Rs 69,990 in the country.
  • The Sony NW-ZX707 Walkman comes with a 5-inch display.
  • It offers a technology that reduces noise and distortion across a wide frequency range.
  • The premium Sony Walkman 2023 is available on Headphone Zone in India.
  • Sony recently launched the Walkman NW-ZX707, a portable music player that runs on Android and offers up to 25 hours of music playback.

Originally launched by Sony in 1979 at a starting price of $150, the Walkman has gone an overhaul in recent years.

With an aim to attract music lovers, Sony India has introduced a new player NW-ZX707 Walkman in the country.

According to the company, the new Walkman has been designed with the most diverse audiophiles in mind.

Sony India mentioned that it comes with an S-Master HX digital amp technology, which is developed for Walkman, to enhance the sound quality of the product. 90s kids would remember the iconic cassette Walkman.

The new Sony Walkman 2023 comes with a DSD Remastering Engine to provide an enhanced listening experience and is aimed at audiophiles and hi-fi enthusiasts. It also runs Android 12.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX707 Price in India, Availability

The all-new Sony NW-ZX707 Walkman has been launched at Rs 69,990 and is currently available on Headphone Zone across the country.

Sony Walkman Specifications

The Sony Walkman comes with a 5-inch display and offers Wi-Fi compatibility that will help users to stream music and download things easily.

The company said it is designed to offer high-quality sound with a sleek design for its consumers.

The company claims that Sony sporty Walkman with a battery life of up to 25 hours, but only while using Sony’s original music player app.

The highlight is the Sony Walkman MP3 player.

The Sony Walkman NW-ZX707 offers a longer battery with the company claiming that it can last up to 25 hours of 44.1kHz FLAC playback.

If you increase the audio quality to 96kHz FLAC, the battery drops down to 23 hours on a single charge while those on the go can stream music nonstop for 22 hours.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX707 offers 64GB of internal storage and charges from zero to a hundred in 3.5 hours via the USB Type-C port. Sony Waterproof Walkman runs on Android 12and lets users download apps like Deezer, Spotify and more from the Google PlayStore.

The S-Master HX digital amp technology reduces noise and distortion across a wide frequency range, resulting in rich and full-bodied sound, which is further enhanced by new high-quality sound lead-free solder.

It has upgraded fine-tuned capacitors, an FTCAP3 (high polymer capacitor), and a sizeable solid high polymer capacitor that offers high capacitance and low resistance. The Sony Walkman features Edge-AI, DSEE Ultimate (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), which upscales compressed digital music files in real-time.

The evolving algorithm now provides even greater benefits for CD-quality (16-bit 44.1/48kHz) lossless codec audio. Restoring acoustic subtleties and dynamic range results in a richer, more complete listening experience.


What’s in the box

USB Type-C®Cable(USB-A – USB-C) (1)

Operating Instructions

Reference Guide

Size & Weight
Dimensions (W x H x D)

Approx. 72.5 mm x 132.3 mm x 16.9 mm


Approx. 227 g


IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Frequency Band
2.4 / 5 GHz
MP3 (128kbps) / Stereo mini-jack: Approx. 25 hour,
MP3 (128kbps) / Balanced standard-jack: Approx. 24 hour,
FLAC (96kHz / 24bit) / Stereo mini-jack: Approx. 23 hour,
FLAC (96kHz / 24bit) / Balanced standard-jack: Approx. 23 hour,
FLAC (192kHz / 24bit) / Stereo mini-jack: Approx. 21 hour,
FLAC (192kHz / 24bit) / Balanced standard-jack: Approx. 21 hour,
DSD (2.8224MHz / 1bit) / Stereo mini-jack: Approx. 21 hour,
DSD (2.8224MHz / 1bit) / Balanced standard-jack: Approx. 21 hour
MP3 (128kbps, offline mode)
Stereo mini-jack: 22 hour,
MP3 (128kbps, offline mode)
Balanced standard-jack:21 hour

MP3 (128kbps) / SBC-Connection pref:
Approx.22 hrs

MP3 (128kbps) / SBC-Connection pref: Approx.22 hrs
Charging Time
(full charge)

Approx. 3.5 hrs

Built-in battery

Rechargeable lithium-ion Battery

Charging and
Power supply
USB power
(from a computer via a USB)
Storage Media
Memory Size
64GB *Actual
available memory 47GB
Playback & display
Music Play Mode
Shuffle Playback,Repeat Off,
Repeat 1 Song,Repeat All,
All Range,Selected Range
Sound Effects
Direct Source (Direct) ,
10 Band equalizer,DSEE Ultimate,
DC Phase Linearizer,
Dynamic Normalizer,
Vinyl Processor
Audio Playback
MP3: 32 – 320kbps (supports VBR) / 32,
44.1, 48kHz,
WMA: 32-320kbps (supports variable bitrate(VBR) / 44.1kHz (STEREO) ,
32-48kbps / 44.1kHz (MONO) ,
FLAC: 16, 24bit / 8-384kHz, WAV: 16,
24, 32bit (Float / Integer) / 8-384kHz,
AAC : 16-320kbps / 8-48kHz,
HE-AAC: 32-144kbps / 8-48kHz,
Apple Lossless: 16,
24bit / 8-384kHz, AIFF: 16,
24, 32bit / 8-384kHz,
DSD: 1bit / 2.8224, 5.6448,
11.2896 MHz, APE: 8, 16, 24bit / 8-192kHz
(Fast, Normal, High), MQA: Supported
Display Resolution

12.7 cm (5.0-inch) ,HD (1280 x 720 Pixels)

Display Type

TFT colour display with white LED-backlight

Drag and Drop


Music Searching
All Songs,Artist,
Release Year,Playlists,
Hi-Res,Recent Transfers,
Folder,Cue sheet
Headphone Out
(Stereo mini-jack)

20-40,000 Hz

Maximum Power
Output (JEITA 16Ω/mW)

50mW+50mW (High Gain)

Headphone Out
(Balanced standard-jack)

20-40,000 Hz

Maximum Power
Output (JEITA 16Ω/mW)

230mW+230mW (High Gain)

Operating System

Android 12

USB:Type-C (USB3.2 Gen1 compliant),
Headphone: Stereo mini jack,
Balanced standard-jack,
External memory:
MicroSD MicroSDHC MicroSDXC
Wireless Capabilities
Communication system: Bluetooth Specification Version 5.0,
NFC:No, Supported Bluetooth profiles: A2DP,
Supported Codecs (Transmission):
aptX HD, AAC


FAQ’s on Sony Walkman

Q1. What is the price of Sony NW-ZX707 Walkman?

Ans) Sony’s new Walkman is priced at Rs 69,990.

Q2. When will Sony NW-ZX707 Walkman be available to purchase?

Ans) The Walkman NW-ZX707 will be available for purchase on January 30.

Q3. Sony Walkman specifications & features ?

Ans) Sony NW-ZX707 Walkman: Specifications, features, and more Sony says that the new NW-ZX707 Walkman has been engineered especially for audiophiles and hi-fi music enthusiasts. The new Walkman comes with high-end components that promise to deliver high-quality sound the way artists intended, packed in a sleek design.

The Walkman NW-ZX707 comes with a DSD Remastering Engine that resamples the PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) audio into an 11.2MHz DSD (Direct Stream Digital) audio. The S-MasterX digital amp built into the Walman, compatible with the native DSD format, reduces distortion and noise, delivering rich and full sound.

The NW-ZX707 features a 5-inch display and runs Android 12 out-of-the-box with Wi-Fi connectivity. So you can install all the music streaming apps you want to download or stream music. The new Walkman also improves on the battery life compared to the previous models, promising up to 25 hours of playback.

To deliver hi-fi sound, the Walkman has a dual clock, film capacitor and fine sound register placed precisely within the unit. Further, the high-quality sound reflow solder that is made of gold promises to offer a wider sound space. NW-ZX707 Walkman upgrades the fine-tuned capacitor, packing in FTCAP3 high polymer capacitor and large solid high polymer capacitor for large capacitance and low resistance. Additionally, the Walkman has a large 8mm coil for balanced output, creating an improved sound resolution.

The NW-ZX707 has built-in Edge-AI (Artificial Intelligence) with DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) Ultimate that upscales compressed digital music files in real time. The Walkman can deliver CD-quality, i.e., 16-bit 44.1/48kHz with lossless codec audio.

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