Nothing Phone 2 Review – A Worthy Successor, Phone 2 Packs Enough Metal Beneath All The Glitter. Will Nothing Phone (2) Amount to “Nothing“ for Its Users ?

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“Let’s make tech fun again!” That’s Carl Pei’s Twitter bio and that’s exactly what the brand “Nothing” meant when it forayed into consumer tech a few years ago.

After writing success stories with OnePlus, a brand also co-founded by him, Pei ventured out of OnePlus only to cofound another adventure – Nothing!

The nascent company was quick to grab headlines thanks to confidence exhibited by many industry leaders including iPod inventor Tony Fadell, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, and YouTuber Casey Neistat.

The Nothing Phone 1 was clearly one of the highlights of the 2022 smartphone market and it appears the story is all set to repeat this year as well.

Nothing Phone 2 has been officially unveiled in a grand launch this week and the hype around is palpable.

The first official confirmation came from Carl Pei on 30 January 2023 that the Phone 2 is coming this year.

Since then and even before that, speculation and conjectures regarding the second addition to Nothing’s smartphone lineup have been overwhelming.

Nothing has been slowly and teasingly releasing information about the Phone 2’s specs over time.

And this slow burn has now turned out to be an effective strategy since the approach managed to gain a lot of right headlines.

Nothing Phone 2 Review
Nothing Phone 2 Review

Nothing as a brand identifies itself as a “tech company on a mission to remove barriers between people and technology.”

The brand has claimed that Phone 2 is a much more refined and higher resolution version of Phone 1 that gives significant upgrades across the board.
It is going to be the real premium flagship device.

So, does Nothing Phone 2 have what it takes?

Is the hype surrounding the launch going to translate into an actual flagship experience?

Let’s find out in our comprehensive Nothing Phone 2 Hands-On Review.

We have been using the Nothing Phone 2 (12GB/512GB variant) for a period of seven days now.

The unit was provided by Nothing for this review, however, views expressed in this review are not sponsored as we are sharing everything based on the experience we had with the phone.

So, let’s get into it.

Nothing Phone 2 – Key Features

Nothing Phone 2 - Key Features
Nothing Phone 2 – Key Features
  • Display – 6.7-inch OLED Screen
  • Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
  • RAM – 12 GB
  • Storage – 512 GB
  • Rear Camera – Dual Setup – 50MP + 50 MP
  • Front Camera – Single – 32MP
  • Battery – 4700mAh
  • OS – Android 13

Nothing Phone 2: Too Good, Nothing More, Nothing Less

What We Like What We Don’t Like
●       Fluid OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate

●       Improved Camera

●       Additional Glyph Functionalities like third-party integrations

●       Decent battery capacity with fast wired, wireless, reverse wireless charging

●       Great low-light camera performance

●       4K video recording with gyro-EIS support

●       Interesting design with Multiple LED lights on the back

●       Clean UI

●       Sustainability consciousness displayed by the brand

●       No Micro SD card support

●       No audio jack

●       Feels heavy in hand, not feasible for one-hand operation

Nothing Phone 2 – Unboxing & First Look: Style, Substance & So Much Fun!!

Nothing Phone 2 is here and keeping the hype on the rise, let’s get it unboxed.

The Nothing Phone 2 is available in two colour packages depending on the colour variant you purchase.

There is a white package and a dark grey packaging.
We had the Dark Grey Colour variant for this review, so our retail package was also of the same colour.
Before we discuss more, let’s quick take a look at a short unboxing video.

We know that Nothing has been constantly promising that Phone 2 is a refined and more premium version of Phone 1.

This is instantly evident when you unbox the Phone 2. For those of you who don’t remember the Phone 1 retail packaging, every content inside the box had to be slid out from the sides and there was no proper way to open the box.
With Phone 2, Nothing changes that concept.

Nothing Phone 2- What’s New ? From Nothing Phone 1

What's New ? From Nothing Phone 1
What’s New ? From Nothing Phone 1

Phone 2 package follows the same tap-to-rip-open concept of tearing the top packaging. Once you tear open the top Dark Grey packaging, you get a separate white colour box inside that slides out.

This inside box is solid and self-contained, which you can keep with you for later in case you want to resale this phone.

Inside the box, everything greats you at once with all items placed together in their carved-out spaces.
The first thing you notice is the Nothing Phone 2 neatly tucked in a phone size cut out.

Next to it, there’s some safety information and a warranty card.

There’s a new semi-transparent Nothing USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable, and a SIM card ejector tool following the brand’s iconic transparent design concept.

Nothing Phone 2 – In-The-Box Contents: Better & Bigger in All Ways

Nothing Phone 2 - In-The-Box Contents
Nothing Phone 2 – In-The-Box Contents
  • Nothing Cable (c-c)
  • Safety information and warranty card
  • Screen protector (pre-applied)
  • SIM tray ejector

So, without further ado, let’s now get to the Phone 2 itself and we are going to start with the one thing that most people would want to talk about first when they talk about this phone – The Design.

Nothing Phone 2 – The Idiosyncratic Design Choices: Flashy, Fun & Fast Flagship Phone

Nothing Phone 2
Nothing Phone 2 Design

Last year when Nothing Phone 1 debuted, it used the design novelty to gain all the attention in the market.
Many were quick to accuse the nascent company of gimmickry even though everyone agrees that the smartphone industry is in desperate need of design disruption.

We are all bored of staring at the same-looking smartphones and it is about time someone breaks out of the boredom smartphone designs collectively exudes.

Also, it is rather unfair to accuse a debutant company of using its creative flair to crack the usually impenetrable smartphone market.

So, we for one, have always been excited about Nothing’s resolution to disrupt with its idiosyncratic design choices.

Taking thelegacy” (if we can call it that) of Nothing Phone 1 forward, the Phone 2 presents a much more refined and premium design compared to its predecessor.

The flagship version also gets a significant number of upgrades across the board that impresses both on paper and in hand.

The first thing we noticed about the design of Phone 2 is how it feels in hand.
Despite being slightly thicker on paper, the Phone 2 cleverly utilizes design elements that give it a perceived thinner profile when held in hand.

With a thickness of 8.5mm, the Phone 2 surpasses Phone 1’s 8.3mm measurement but achieves a visual effect through thoughtful design choices that make it appear thinner.

Nothing Phone 2
Nothing Phone 2 Side Design

Contributing to the Phone 2’s perceived thinness is the reduction of the aluminium mid-frame on the sides.

By reducing it by 1mm, Nothing has managed to create an illusion of slenderness, resulting in a sleek and elegant feel when holding the device.

This attention to detail is commendable as it not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to an improved user experience.

Secondly, the 3D pillow glass at the back, which gracefully curves around the edges, instantly makes the phone look premium to look at.

This one small design element not only adds a touch of sophistication but also provides a seamless transition between the front and back of the device.

The curved glass merges seamlessly with the reduced aluminium mid-frame, also contributing to the overall perception of slimness.

Here’s a thing, the day the idea of Nothing Phone 2 first emerged on the smartphone industry horizon, speculations on what design upgrades it is going to get compared to Phone 1 have been swelling up the tech news circuit.

So, we have to compare the design elements of Phone 2 to Phone 1. Any word on Nothing Phone 2 design would be incomplete otherwise.

Phone 2 side by side
Phone 2 side by side

When comparing the Phone 1 and Phone 2 side by side, it becomes immediately apparent that the Phone 2 possesses a more uniform texture across its back panel.

The texture is consistent throughout the device, providing a visually balanced appearance.

In contrast, Phone 1’s back panel exhibited variations in shades of white and black, which resulted in a less visually harmonious aesthetic.

Speaking of design, the Glyph Interface is obviously the highlight. But that whole concept and its elements need a dedicated section of its own.

So, we will share our thoughts on the Glyph Interface in our dedicated section in this review.

Continuing about the design department, let’s talk about the sustainability consciousness displayed by the brand. It’s rare, it’s impressive and we have to talk about it.

Nothing Phone 2 – Sustainability Initiatives

Nothing Phone 2 - Sustainability Initiatives
Nothing Phone 2 – Sustainability Initiatives
  • Phone 2 lowers the carbon footprint by almost 8.6% as compared to Phone 1.
  • The aluminium frame that houses all the components together is made up of 100 per cent recycled aluminium.
  • The phone is developed at factories that operate with 100 per cent renewable energy.
  • The Tin magnets used to hold all the components in the circuit boards are made up of 100 per cent recycled tin.
  • 53 components used in the Phone 2 are entirely made of recycled materials and account for more than 20 per cent of the smartphone’s weight.
  • It boasts complete plastic-free packaging.

Now, that’s something we expect from a young tech company in 2023.Bravo and we hope Nothing continues on the sustainability front, which the brand has promised that it will.

We also are getting a uniquely designed Type-C cable bundled in the box. Nothing, known for its iconic transparent design concept, extends this philosophy to its peripheral products as well.

The Type-C Cable that accompanies the Phone 2 in the box embodies the transparent design language, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to a cohesive and distinctive visual identity.

Nothing Phone 2 – Fluidity on Display

Nothing Phone 2 - Fluidity on Display
Nothing Phone 2 – Fluidity on Display
  • 7-inch flexible OLED display with LTPO with Corning Gorilla Glass Protection
  • HDR10+ & SGS Low Blue Light, 10-bit colour depth, 2412×1080 pixel resolution at 394 ppi, 1600 nits HDR peak pixel brightness, 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate

The Nothing Phone 2 boasts a stunning 6.7-inch flexible OLED display with LTPO technology, delivering a visually immersive and technologically advanced viewing experience.

The combination of impressive features and design elements gives off a premium feel to the display at first glance. It has vibrant visuals and you can enjoy smooth interactions on the screen.

The Nothing Phone 2 display further comes with an adaptive refresh rate feature. With a range from 1Hz to 120Hz, the refresh rate automatically adjusts based on the content being viewed.

While using the phone on dynamic settings, we noticed the refresh rate dropping to as low as 1Hz when not needed.

This ensures optimal performance and power efficiency, delivering smooth visuals in high-motion scenes and conserving battery life during static content consumption.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection
Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection

It comes with Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection that adds a layer of durability to the display, safeguarding it against scratches and accidental damage.

This is a robust glass solution that offers peace of mind and allows users to fully immerse themselves in the content without worrying about the fragility of the display.

Nothing has also acquired HDR10+ and SGS Low Blue Light certification for the Phone 2. This enhances the visual experience and has a significant difference in the overall visuals of the Nothing Phone 2.

HDR10+ technology enables the display to reproduce a wider range of colours and contrast.

We test-streamed a lot of different content in different settings to check this. These technologies incorporated in Nothing Phone 2 produce very vivid and lifelike visuals.

Additionally, the SGS Low Blue Light certification ensures reduced blue light emission, promoting a more comfortable viewing experience, especially during extended usage periods.

With a 10-bit colour depth, the display on the Nothing Phone 2 delivers rich and accurate colour representation, resulting in great visual fidelity.

You can expect true-to-life colours and a greater level of detail. This makes the overall multimedia and gaming experiences more immersive and enjoyable.

The 2412×1080 pixel resolution at 394 ppi (pixels per inch) ensures sharp and crisp visuals on the Phone 2’s display.

Whether browsing websites, watching videos, or viewing photos, users can expect clarity and precision in every detail.

The impressive contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 enhances the depth and richness of the displayed content. Dark scenes appear deeper, and bright elements pop with vibrant intensity, resulting in a captivating visual experience.

How much your smartphone screen stays visible when you are outside in the daylight or under bright sunlight?

This is measured via the brightness capacity of the device. We tried to test the brightness level of the phone and spent some time with the device in direct sunlight.

Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection

The Nothing Phone 2 offers exceptional performance even outside. With an outdoor fullscreen brightness of 1000 nits and HDR peak pixel brightness of 1600 nits, the display remains easily readable even in bright sunlight. You can enjoy content outdoors without compromising on visibility.

The 240Hz touch sampling rate ensures exceptional responsiveness to touch inputs.
The touch interactions with the display are definitely instantaneous and fluid.

Whether scrolling, swiping, or playing games, you can actually expect a highly responsive and engaging experience.

Lastly, Nothing Phone 2 has included a haptic touch motor that adds a tactile element to the display, enhancing the user’s interactions with the device.
This subtle feedback enriches the overall user experience, providing a sense of precision and immersion.

Overall, the display of the Nothing Phone 2 combines technology and thoughtful design to deliver a captivating visual experience.

With its flexible OLED panel, Corning Gorilla Glass protection, HDR10+ and SGS Low Blue Light certifications, the display sets a high standard for quality and performance.

You can expect stunning visuals, fluid interactions, and an immersive viewing experience on the Nothing Phone 2.

Nothing Phone 2 – The Glyph Interface – Esoteric or Ornamental?: Tricky or Practical?

The Glyph interface of the Nothing Phone 2 has undergone a slight revision in design. Instead of the familiar lighting pattern we saw in Phone 1, the LED pattern now breaks up into more segments.

The previous model utilized 5 LED segments, but the latest model surpasses that with a total of 11 LED segments.
The higher number of LEDs enables more customisation and functionality to the whole Glyph interface.

Guide to using the Nothing Phone 2 Glyph Interface

Nothing Phone 2 Glyph Interface
Nothing Phone 2 Glyph Interface

One of the interesting functionalities added to the Glyph Interface of Phone 2 is the Glyph Timer.
So, you can set the Glyph timer on the phone and keep the phone upside down, an LED segment works as the progress bar for the timer and you don’t have to keep checking the timer to know the progress.

The second feature is where things could get really interesting.
With Phone 2, Nothing has opened the Glyph API for third-party integration.

This means that once integrated with a third-party app such as Uber or Zomato, you can actually track your Uber and food delivery using the Glyph Interface.

The possibilities with API integration are endless.
However, it’s worth noting that while Uber and Zomata will come integrated with the Phone 2, this feature will not work natively with all apps until the developers integrate it if they wish to take advantage of it.

Esoteric or Ornamental?
Esoteric or Ornamental?

Though, Nothing promises that more such integration with popular apps is in the pipeline.

The upper right section of the circular lighting design houses a significant portion of these LEDs dedicated to providing visual progress for various functions. These functions include indicating volume levels, countdown timers, Uber pickups, and more.

Adding another level of Glyph customisation, Nothing Phone 2 will have a Glyph Composer.
Users will have the option to create custom visualizations and ringtones using the new Glyph composer.

Basically, you can compose different ringtones with different Glyph patterns for every individual contact. You can have a different Glyph ringtone for your parents, a different Glyph ringtone for your partner and a different Glyph ringtone for your friends.

Nothing has also added essential Glyph notifications to Phone 2, so you never miss an essential update.
The Glyph notifications are for contacts and notifications that you don’t want to miss out on.

All you have to do is assign the Glyph notification to a particular app or a contact and essential Glyph notifications will light up the top right Glyph segment whenever you get a notification from those assigned apps and contacts.

The Glyph interface for the first time will also be getting an Auto Brightness feature which adjusts the brightness of the Glyph based on ambient lightening, the Glyph Torch which will light up when you long-press the torch icon and new Glyph ringtones which are remixed versions of old iconic ringtones.

Nothing Phone 2 – Hardware and Phone Performance: Impressive Mid Range Android Phone

Hardware and Phone Performance
Hardware and Phone Performance
  • Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset
  • RAM – 8 GB/ 12 GB and Internal Storage – 128 GB/ 256 GB/ 512 GB

The Nothing Phone 2 will be the flagship device of the brand, which is why upgrades and improvements from the predecessor are expected on every front.

When a leak a few months ago suggested that Phone 2 will have an 8+ Gen 1 processor, not many tech experts sounded too enthusiastic about it. In fact, online communities were filled with fans’ disappointment.

However, Nothing has displayed confidence in its hardware design and here we are to discuss the configuration.

The Phone 2  showcases impressive hardware design and delivers exceptional overall performance, thanks to its powerful specifications and thoughtful design choices.

With Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset at its core, the Phone 2 offers a significant 80% improvement in performance compared to its predecessor, setting the stage for a fast and capable device.

The integration of the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, no matter what many voices online say, ensures rapid speed and responsiveness.

This allows you to seamlessly navigate through applications, multitask efficiently, and enjoy smooth performance even when handling demanding tasks.

This chipset represents the latest in mobile processing technology, providing optimal performance and power efficiency.

Nothing OS 2.0.1
Phone Performance

The Nothing Phone 2 comes in two variants of 8 GB or 12 GB of RAM. RAM size of both variants ensures smooth multitasking.

It allows you to switch between apps seamlessly without experiencing any lag or performance issues.

The LPDDR5 RAM type further enhances the device’s performance, delivering faster data transfer speeds and improved overall efficiency.

In terms of internal storage, the Nothing Phone 2 provides ample space for users to store their files, media, and applications.

It offers options of 128 GB, 256 GB, or 512 GB of internal storage in three different variants. This is to cater to different storage needs.

The storage type, UFS 3.1, ensures swift data access and faster file transfers, further contributing to the device’s overall speed and responsiveness.

Nothing has also paid attention to battery management in Phone 2.
The best-in-class heat management system incorporated into the Phone 2 is another noteworthy feature.

Nothing’s dedication to optimal heat management ensures that the device remains cool and performs consistently, even during intensive tasks or extended usage periods.

The thoughtful approach adopted by Nothing in hardware design significantly enhances the user experience when compared to Phone 1.
It also prevents thermal throttling and maintains high-performance levels.

To test the capability of the hardware, we conducted some of the major Benchmark tests while using the phone for this review. In the AnTuTu benchmark test, the Nothing Phone 2 got a score of 975448 points, which is truly remarkable.

AnTuTu benchmark test
AnTuTu benchmark test

Secondly, we ran Phone 2 through Geekbench CPU and GPU tests as well. For the Geekbench 6 CPU test, Phone 2 got a score of 1750 for single-core and 4583 for multi-core. Similarly, for the Geekbench 6 GPU, the phone got a score of 6007 for GPU OpenCL.

Screenshot_20230708-104850 Screenshot_20230708-233742 Screenshot_20230708-104247 Screenshot_20230708-185302

Apart from Geekbench and AnTuTu, the Phone 2 also ran through the Wild Life Extreme text and got a 2541 overall score with a 15.20 average frame rate.


As for gamers, Nothing Phone 2 offers decent performance without any major performance issues such as frame drops, lags or more.

The combination of hardware and software used in Phone 2 actually contributes to swift loading times and quick level transitions in games.

We tried to test the phone with of the most popular games, BGMI.
All the while playing the game, we experience minimal waiting times and lags.

The heating issue is there, though has a better heat management system in place.

The Nothing Phone 2 also boasts advanced camera capabilities, allowing users to capture stunning photos and videos.

The combination of the powerful chipset, ample RAM, and ample storage space enables the device to process and store high-resolution images and videos efficiently.

Users can expect impressive camera performance, quick image processing, and the ability to record and store media content without compromise.

Nothing Phone 2 – Did The Camera Get Better?: Iconic Smart Camera

Nothing Phone 2
Nothing Phone 2 Camera
  • Rear Camera – Dual Setup – 50MP + 50 MP
  • Front Camera – Single – 32MP

In May 2023, Carl Pei, the CEO of Nothing, teased the camera performance of the Phone 2.

He mentioned that the device’s Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 would enable a significant camera upgrade. From the camera samples shown, it appears that the device lives up to the claim.

While the Nothing Phone 1 had impressive camera specifications with a 50-megapixel primary sensor and a 50-megapixel ultra-wide sensor, its image processing capabilities fell short.

However, the Nothing Phone 2 demonstrates improved image processing, evident from the camera samples.

The images exhibit a contrasty look, vibrant colours, and sharp details without over-sharpening.
Even the selfie shots appear much better compared to the Nothing Phone 1.

Let’s talk about the camera hardware. The Nothing Phone 2 will have a 50-megapixel dual camera setup on the rear.
The primary lens has been upgraded to IMX890 from the previous IMX766 used in Phone 1.

The Ultra-Wide lens, on the other hand, is Samsung ISOCELL GN1.
On the front, you get a 32-megapixel sensor for selfies and video calls.
The front camera too has been upgraded to an IMX615, which is a 30 per cent larger sensor and can capture more light and field.

Coming back to how Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip helps the camera processing, the Phone 2 gets an 18-bit ISP that captures over 4,000 times the camera data than the Phone 1’s 14-bit predecessor.

Nothing OS 2.0

The Nothing Phone 2 is also bringing an advanced HDR to address the over-exposure of images when in direct sunlight.

The advanced HDR breaks the image into 8 frames of different exposure and then stitches them back together to get the best results.

There is a significant upgrade here from the 3-frame break out that the usual Phone 1 HDR was capable of.

The Phone 2 camera has an improved dynamic rangeand the algorithm is swiftly able to detect contrast between the light to dark areas in an improved way.

The shots taken from Phone 2 are much more true to life than regular phone cameras. The colours are not overexposed and skin tones too are very close to natural.

The Nothing Phone 2 seems to have also addressed the issues most camera face in capturing moving subjects.

The brand is introducing Motion Capture 2.0 which intelligently detects moving objects to ensure distorting-free and noise-free final images.

To experience the output of the camera, we have spent a generous amount of time with the phone camera across the city.

We have here some shots taken from the Phone 2 camera in different light conditions using different modes and camera settings.

Night Light Default Mode 2X View
Night Light Default Mode Zoom-In
Night Light Default Mode Zoom-In
Night Light Default Mode Zoom-In
Night Light Default Mode 2X View
Night Light Default Mode 2X View
Night Light Default Mode Wide Angle
Night Light Default Mode Wide Angle
Indoor Low Light 2X View
Indoor Low Light 2X View
Cloudy Outdoor Minimum Light Macro Sensor
Cloudy Outdoor Minimum Light Macro Sensor
Cloudy Outdoor Minimum Light Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoor Minimum Light Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoor Minimum Light 50 MP Sensor Default Angle
Cloudy Outdoor Minimum Light 50 MP Sensor Default Angle
Cloudy Outdoor Minimum Light 50 MP Sensor Default Angle
Cloudy Outdoor Minimum Light 50 MP Sensor Default Angle
Cloudy Outdoor Minimum Light Zoom-In
Cloudy Outdoor Minimum Light Zoom-In
Cloudy Outdoor Minimum Light Ultra Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoor Minimum Light Ultra Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View 50MP Sensor
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View 50MP Sensor
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Portrait Mode
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Portrait Mode

Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 2X View Portrait Mode

Indoor Low Light Default Mode 2X View Macro Sensor
Indoor Low Light Default Mode 2X View Macro Sensor
Indoor Low Light Default Mode 1X View
Indoor Low Light Default Mode 1X View
Indoor Low Light Default Mode 1X View
Indoor Low Light Default Mode 1X View
- Rainly Outdoors Minimum Light Zoom-In Close-Up Shot
– Rainly Outdoors Minimum Light Zoom-In Close-Up Shot
Rainly Outdoors Minimum Light 2X Macro Sensor
Rainly Outdoors Minimum Light 2X Macro Sensor
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Default Mode
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Default Mode
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Default Mode
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Default Mode
Rainy Outdoors Low Light 2X Portrait Mode
Rainy Outdoors Low Light 2X Portrait Mode
Rainy Outdoors Low Light 2X View Wide Angle
Rainy Outdoors Low Light 2X View Wide Angle
Rainy Outdoors Low Light 2X View Default Angle
Rainy Outdoors Low Light 2X View Default Angle
Rainy Outdoors Low Light 2X View Macro Sensor
Rainy Outdoors Low Light 2X View Macro Sensor
Indoor Low Light Portrait Mode 1X View
Indoor Low Light Portrait Mode 1X View
Indoor Low Light Default Mode 1X View
Indoor Low Light Default Mode 1X View
2X Camera Zoom
2X Camera Zoom
Cloudy Day Light 1.0x View Portrait Mode HDR ON
Cloudy Day Light 1.0x View Portrait Mode HDR ON
Indoor Low Light 2X View
Indoor Low Light 2X View
Indoor Low Light Condition Photo Mode 1.0x View
Indoor Low Light Condition Photo Mode 1.0x View
Indoor Low Light
Indoor Low Light
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Wide Angle
Cloudy Outdoors Minimum Light 1X View Wide Angle
50MP main camera
50MP main camera
Rear ultra-wide
Rear ultra-wide
16MP Sony IMX471 sensor
16MP Sony IMX471 sensor
2x zoom main camera
2x zoom main camera

The highlight of the Phone 2 camera is its ability to produce quality images in poor lighting conditions.

Some of the shots above are taken in extremely low lighting and the details captured here are nothing short of impressive.

The shots appear naturally lit and have been able to preserve even the tiniest details. 

Advanced HDR processing is very evident when images are captured in direct sunlight. Even when the sun shines on the back of the subject, there is minimum whiteness in the background.

You get perfect colour reproduction and well-balanced images because of the advanced technology implemented in the camera system.

The Nothing OS 2.0 – Unique and Refreshing Upgrade

Nothing Phone 2
Nothing OS 2.0
  • Android 13, Nothing OS 2.0

Nothing has adopted not only an outer individualistic approach but has also extended the whole concept of “tech can be fun” to internal mechanics as well.

The Nothing OS 2.0 is definitely something that sets the whole operating system experience of the Phone 2 different from any other smartphone you can see in the market today.
So, let’s discuss Nothing OS 2.0.

Nothing Phone 2 comes equipped with Nothing OS 2.0, an operating system that aims to complement the flagship craftsmanship of the device.
The OS focuses on functional customization, allowing users to have more intentional and mindful interactions with their smartphones.

With a powerful and efficient design, Nothing OS 2.0 comes across as refreshingly simple in its user experience.

Nothing OS 2.0’s integration of AI algorithms is impressive and most important, follows a uniquely refreshing style.

The first thing that we loved about the OS is how it intelligently detects and analyzes the user’s app usage behaviour to provide a faster and smoother experience. By tracking the most frequently used apps, the OS optimizes their loading times for quicker response.

Nothing OS 2.0.
Nothing New OS

Additionally, apps that aren’t used as often are frozen to save power, ensuring efficient use of the battery life.

This is thoughtful and an approach towards the right direction of app management that not many smartphone manufacturers are paying attention to. It contributes to a more streamlined and efficient user experience.

We also find the whole system-wide animations and transitions incorporated in the OS extremely interesting. While it might seem like a small detail, it does enhance the overall user experience.

It also tells us how the brand is focusing on making multiple minor changes that collectively create a huge difference.

These animations and transitions make navigating the interface feel snappy and fluid, adding a sense of responsiveness and polish to the device.

The attention to detail in the animations further enhances the user’s perception of the OS’s performance.

Nothing Phone 2 – OS Customisation Options

Nothing Phone 2 - OS Customisation Options
Nothing Phone 2 – OS Customisation Options

Nothing Phone 2 offers a range of customization options within the OS. This level of customization empowers users to personalize their smartphone experience according to their preferences and needs.

Users can adjust the size of icons, organize apps into group folders, and take advantage of widgets through the Nothing Widget system.

Widgets provide key information at a glance on the home screen and lock screen, offering live, rich, and dynamic content.

Additionally, the OS includes a dedicated widget called “Nothing X,” which displays the ANC status, charging status of the earbuds, and the case.

Nothing has often talked about how “beautiful tech shouldn’t be complicated.” However, smartphones with their app-driven functionalities complicate things for humans more often than not.

Social media, thanks to smartphones, is now at our fingertips and doomscrolling has become an international mental health issue.

Monochrome Miracle

Nothing Phone (2)
Monochrome Miracle

Now, to address this, Nothing is introducing something that they claim is capable of killing that urge to open social media apps on your smartphone. It’s called Monochrome Layout.

To reduce the urge to open apps that you didn’t plan or need to open in the first place, Nothing Phone 2 will have a feature called Monochrome Layout, where all the icons, the widgets, and all the apps will have a consistent colour theme and a consistent colour palette.

OS Customisation Options
OS Customisation Options

As per Nothing’s claim, having a consistent colour hue throughout the smartphone homepage will significantly reduce the impulse to open the apps even when you don’t need them.

With complete thoughtfulness, Nothing Phone 2 has been designed to give the power back to the people, so that they can use their smartphones and have control over their lives as well.

We do feel if you are planning on making a switch from Android or iOS, this upgraded OS at first might take some time to get accustomed to.
However, Nothing OS 2.0 on the Nothing Phone 2 presents a well-rounded package of functionality, simplicity, and customization.

The AI algorithms optimize app usage, resulting in a faster and smoother user experience. The system-wide animations and transitions add a touch of snappiness to the interface, making interactions with the device more enjoyable.

With customization options like icon sizes, group folders, and dynamic widgets, users have the flexibility to tailor their smartphone experience to their liking. Nothing Phone 2 – OS 2.0 offers a cohesive and user-friendly operating system.

Nothing Phone 2 – Battery Capacity and Performance

Nothing Phone 2 - Battery Capacity and Performance
Nothing Phone 2 – Battery Capacity and Performance
  • 4700mAh battery capacity
  • 45W fast charging, Charge fully in just 55 minutes
  • Compatible with 15W Qi wireless charging and 5W wireless charger so you can power accessories like Ear (2) on-the-go

Nothing Phone 2 battery has a slight upgrade if you compare it with what we got in Phone 1.  Phone 2 is equipped with a robust 4700mAh battery capacity.
Now, this is ample power to keep the device running throughout the day.

Moreover, Nothing has this time around focused on efficient charging and intelligent battery management. It has designed the Phone 2 to deliver a reliable and long-lasting battery performance.

The inclusion of 45W fast charging technology allows the Phone 2 to charge fully in just 55 minutes.
This rapid charging capability ensures that you can quickly replenish the battery when needed, minimizing downtime and keeping them connected and productive.

With the ability to charge the device at an impressive speed, you can conveniently top up the battery in a short amount of time.

Nothing Phone 2 - Side View
Nothing Phone 2

In addition to fast charging, the Nothing Phone 2 is compatible with 15W Qi wireless charging.
This provides you with the convenience of cable-free charging. This feature enables users to charge their device simply by placing it on a compatible wireless charging pad or stand.

The best part about wireless charging is it eliminates the need for cables and allows for a clutter-free charging experience.

 Another unique aspect of the Nothing Phone 2 is its ability to double as a 5W wireless charger for accessories such as the Ear (2).
This feature allows users to conveniently power up their compatible accessories on the go, making it easier to keep all their devices charged and ready for use.

In Nothing Phone 2, the brand has also addressed overcharging concerns that many smartphones receive. So, Nothing has implemented intelligent charging mechanisms.

When the Phone 2 is put on overnight charging, the intelligent charging mechanisms ensure that the battery is charged in a way that does not harm its overall life and performance.
This charging feature helps maintain the longevity of the battery.

Nothing Phone (2) Pros & Cons: Supreme, Stellar, Solid Sequel


Nothing Phone (2) Pros & Cons
Nothing Phone (2) Pros
  • Presentation:- From the get go, the phone give you a premium feel by the unique and well designed packaging that the phone comes in.
    Apart from the actual phone inside you do also get a cable and sim ejector tool which stay true to its transparent/ look through apperance.
  • Build:- The phone has a very premium to look at design and finish to it, it looks distinct and something that nobody else has to offer, mainly being the transparent back design and glyph interface which makes up its brand identity.

Holding and using the phone feels very solid too with the flat edge to edge display, metal rails and the ever so slightly curved back panel which makes it look good and feel more comfortable than the phone (1).
Although the phone does seem a little less dense that it seems when you do pick it up.

  • Diplay:- Probably the part i enjoyed most while testing the device was it’s display. The flat amoled panel looks great with it’s symmetrical bezels and the tiny punch hole in the centre which is easy to forget about.

The display has vivid but realistic colour representation, the viewing angles are great with little to no colour shifting issues, it’s nice and snappy with the variable 120hz refresh rate, and it gets nice and bright with its 1600 nit brightness put in the sun.

For what it is, there doesn’t seem to be much I’d want more from a display in this class. I would like to see even slimmer bezels all around the next time though.

  • Haptics:- The phone seems to have an x-axis haptic motor which does a great job at feeling tight and fast in its response.

I also loved the integration of these Haptics in many areas especially the glyph paired ones which work very well with the lighting patterns at the back.
The only thing I would like to improve is the strength as it has room for improvement.

  • Battery Life:- The phone with it’s more efficient yet powerful chipset and a larger cell size from its predecessor provides a better experience in terms of battery life.

With mixed usage of WiFi and mobile data and also using the camera app for quite some time paired with YouTube and internet browsing, I was more than comfortable in getting a full day of use with 10-15% still in the tank.
Safe to say it’s very difficult to kill it in one single day of use.

  • Performance:- The phone comes with last year’s flagship chip (SD 8+gen1) and it’s a beast of a performer, not only does it fly through daily tasks like watching videos or social media apps, it also has no problems in running heavy games at high settings with ease and very few frames are dropped.
    All in all a very solid performer and this level of performance is more than enough for most of the people.
  • Notable, Incredible, Upgraded Glyph interface:- Yes, it’s a gimmick for the most part but it is what makes this phone unique and nothing have integrated it in a much better manner than the phone (1) for it to be more useful and like to see more functionality moving forward.
    For the most part though, it’s more of a fashion statement than a feature and i don’t mind that.


Nothing Phone (2) Pros
Nothing Phone (2) Cons
  • Cameras:- Being a big camera enthusiast, I love testing phone cameras out and this one sadly didn’t impress me quite as much.
    For what the phone’s asking price is, i expected better camera hardware and software to be implemented. For the good, the camera does seem to have good stabilization and noise reduction, but apart from those two things, it’s a mix bag.

The HDR for starters is a big hit or miss, and even when it does hit, it’s not very good at it and i consistently get blown out highlights, and a weird big that i detected was when shooting into a bright source of light, the processing seems to spawn dark black bands in the photo out of nowhere.

Secondly even though the noise reduction on surface seems good in daylight situations, the moment light starts to go down, there is a huge dip in the quality as the phone resorts to extreme smoothening which sacrifices a lot of details in the process, this is very evident when you zoom into pictures.

There also seems to be quite a white balance difference between the main and ultrawide sensors which is still solved by software in photos, but videos do suffer quite a bit from it.
The night mode for the most part is satisfactory except, I’d want to have a manual toggle to switch it on in some instances and also when the auto night mode does trigger, it consistently produces crushed shadows.

The video department is where it needs most improvement, the HDR is botched with blown highlights and extreme smoothening at night. When I did turn on the HDR video mode, it sacrificed a lot of detail and didn’t really do much in preserving the highlights or shadows.
I would’ve also liked to see a dedicated telephoto module for the price.

  • Speakers:- Even thought it has a sterio sound setup and does get decently loud, the highs and lows are very weak with the kids being very dominant. The high pitched sounds are mushed in the vocals and the bass is almost non existent even at the max volume.
  • Call quality:- The microphones do a good job at cancelling the noise in the background but the earpiece itself isn’t very loud and clear to listen to and i couldn’t understand a single word from the other end when I was out in live music event.
  • Charging speed:– Even thought it has a new and improved 45w support, the phone still takes just under an hour to fully charge which again is an area where many other smartphones have improved a lot and can do the same thing in half the time with ease. I’d like to see 65w support the next time around.
  • Fingerprint scanner:- The two main gripes i have with the scanner are its location and speed.
    It’s placed way too low and I didn’t seem to get used to it, and secondly it’s not the fastest one out there with me having to press for quite some time and that too in a very specific way and area for it to read my finger.
  • Pricing:- The phone starts at 45k which is a lot to ask for in the Indian market that too for a brand as new as nothing.
    Even though they have made many improvements in the second iteration, it would’ve been better to price it around the 40k mark for it to be much more competitive as there are many more well known brands under 50k which people know more about.

Verdict: Tech Lovers Dream Come True !!

Nothing Phone 2 - Battery Capacity and Performance
Nothing Phone 2 – Side View

The Nothing Phone 2 is a flagship device that impresses with its thoughtful design, powerful hardware, and optimized software, delivering a high-quality smartphone experience across various aspects.

Behind all the fancy and glitter, it is a device that caters to the needs of tech enthusiasts and offers a premium smartphone experience.

Starting with its design, the Phone 2 showcases a refined aesthetic with a slim profile and uniform texture, complemented by the 3D pillowed glass at the back, giving it an elegant and visually balanced appearance.

Under the hood, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset and ample 12 GB of RAM provide blazing-fast performance and smooth multitasking capabilities, ensuring seamless navigation through applications and intense gaming experiences.

The 6.7-inch OLED screen with HDR10+ certification offers vibrant and immersive visuals, supported by the impressive 50 MP + 50 MP dual camera setup, which captures stunning photos with rich details. The 32 MP front camera further enhances the selfie-taking experience.

In summary, the Nothing Phone 2 impresses with its unique design aesthetic, powerful hardware, exceptional display, advanced camera capabilities, generous storage capacity, reliable battery performance, and user-friendly software.

Nothing Phone 2 – My Mobiles Rating

Nothing Phone (2)
Nothing Phone (2)

Design – 4/5

Display – 3.5/5

Camera – 3.5/5

Hardware – 3.5/5

Battery – 3.5/5

Overall – 3.5/5

Buy Nothing Phone 2 For

Nothing Phone (2) Quick Specifications
Buy Nothing Phone 2 For
  • Fluid OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate
  • Improved Camera
  • Additional Glyph Functionalities like third-party integrations
  • Decent battery capacity with fast wired, wireless, reverse wireless charging
  • Great low-light camera performance
  • Clean UI

Nothing Phone 2: Price and Availability: Pretty, Personality Phone with Heavy Pricing

Glyph lighting system
Nothing Phone 2 – Price and Availability

The Nothing Phone price in India starts at Rs 44,999 for the base variant with 8GB RAM + 128 GB storage configuration. Apart from this, Phone 2 will also be available in 12 GB RAM + 256 GB  and 12 GB RAM + 521 GB storage variants, which are priced at Rs 49,999 and Rs 54,999 respectively.

Phone 2 will be available in two colour options, White and Dark Grey colour variants.

Scheduled to go on sale starting 21 July 2023 in India on, Nothing Phone 2 is currently available for pre-booking on Nothing’s website.

 After months of speculations, the CEO of Nothing has finally confirmed that the Nothing Phone 2 is coming out in the US.

Since Phone 1 never enjoyed a full launch in North American countries, there were apprehensions in the market about Phone 2’s fate. However, many leaks had already indicated that Phone 2 will be available in the US.

Nothing Phone 1 vs Nothing Phone 2 – A Quick Comparison

A Quick Comparison Table- Is It Worth Upgrade?

Overview Nothing Phone 1 Nothing Phone 2
Processor Snapdragon 778G Plus Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
Display 6.55” OLED 6.74” OLED
Display Features 120Hz refresh rate

1080 x 2400 pixels resolution

402 ppi pixel density

85.84 % screen-to-body ratio

1200 nits brightness

20:9 aspect ratio

HDR 10+ support

Corning Gorilla Glass v5

120Hz refresh rate

1080 x 2412 pixels resolution

394 ppi pixel density

87.51 % screen-to-body ratio

1600 nits brightness

20:9 aspect ratio

HDR 10+

Corning Gorilla Glass

Rear Camera 50 MP + 50 MP 50 MP + 50 MP
Front Camera 16 MP 32 MP
RAM 8 GB/12 GB 8 GB/12 GB
Storage 128 GB/ 256 G 128 GB/ 256 GB/ 512 GB
Storage Type UFS 3.1 UFS 3.1
IP Rating Splashproof, IP53 Splashproof, IP54
Battery 4500 mAh 4700 mAh
Charging 33W Fast Charging, Wireless Charging 45W Fast Charging, Wireless Charging
Weight 193.5 grams 201.2 grams
Colour Variants Black, White White, Dark Grey

Nothing Phone 2 Vs Other Leading Alternatives

Nothing Phone 2 Top Alternatives

A Quick Comparison Table

Overview Nothing Phone 2 Galaxy A54 5G Google Pixel 7A
Display 6.7-inch OLED; 2,412×1,080 pixels; 1-120Hz 6.4-inch Super AMOLED; 2,340×1,080 pixels; 120Hz 6.1-inch OLED; 2,400×1,080 pixels; 60/90Hz
Camera Rear 50-megapixel main. 50-megapixel ultrawide,

4K at 60fps

50-megapixel wide, 12-megapixel ultrawide, 5-megapixel macro,

4K video

64-megapixel main, 4K at 6fps. 13-megapixel ultrawide, 4K at 30fps
Camera Front 32-megapixel 32-megapixel 13-megapixel, 4K@30fps
Processor Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 Exynos 1380 Tensor G2
RAM & Storage 8GB + 128GB; 12GB + 256GB 6GB + 128GB; 8GB + 256GB 8GB + 128GB
Battery 4,700 mAh; 45W wired charging 5,000 mAh; 25W wired charging 4,385 mAh; 18W fast charging, 7.5W wireless charging
Special Features 5G-enabled, IP54 water resistance, flashing rear lights 5G (mmw/Sub6), IP67 rating 5G (5G sub6 / mmWave ), IP67 rating
Software Android 13 Android 13 Android 13
Dimensions 6.38 x 3.00 x 0.33 inches 6.23 x 3.02 x 0.32 inches 6.00 x 2.87 x 0.35 inches
Weight 201g 202g 193g
Price Starts at Rs 44,999 Starts at Rs 40,999 Starts at Rs 43,998


Q1. What country is nothing smartphone from?

Answer. Nothing Technology Limited (stylised as NOTHING) is a consumer electronics manufacturer based in London, England. It was founded by Carl Pei, the co-founder of the smartphone maker OnePlus.

Q2. What is the glyph in Nothing phones?

Answer. Glyph basically means symbols, So in the Nothing Phone 1, you’ll see the five symbols that light up bright and form different patterns, including 900 LED. In addition, you’ll also see the tiny red LED.

Q3. What is the purpose of Glyphs?

Answer. When you receive notifications on your Nothing Phone 1, the Glyph feature on the Nothing Phone 1 enables you to place the smartphone face down and send light signals. And let the users rely on this Glyph feature instead of sound and haptics. The menu also provides access to the Flip-to-Glyph feature, which was most recently added to the Nothing Phone 1. To signal notifications or an incoming call, it flashes the lights. You’ll need to move the phone slightly to see the LEDs showing wireless charging sessions and how much battery life remains.

Q4. Where do you use Glyphs?

Answer. You can use Glyph in calls, notifications, batteries, and cameras. In the Nothing Phone 1, you’ll get ten in-built ringtones that sync with the light and flash. And even you can set different ringtones for your contacts. Additionally, you can set custom ringtones with perfectly synced lights. Furthermore, you can also choose different ringtones for the notifications.

The Glyph interface can show a progress bar to indicate the smartphone’s charge level when you plug Nothing Phone 1 into the wall. As the Nothing Phone 1 battery charges, it gradually fills. Navigate to the Glyph interface’s settings. Turn on the Charging metre setting. In addition, you’ll also get wireless charging with reverse wireless charging.

Q5. How many phones did Nothing sell in India?

Answer. The Nothing Phone (1) sells over 100,000 units in India in only 20 days.

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