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Apple’s new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro come with a brand-new Dynamic Island feature. According to the new feature, the notch has been replaced by a pill form at the top of the iPhone screen as part of Apple’s, which may be the company’s most distinctive update since the iPhone X. Along with the other sensors needed for Face ID and other features, the front-facing selfie camera is also situated here. Thanks to the new pill cutout on the devices, you can watch and do many fun things on the iPhone. If you’re wondering which applications and features are compatible with the new “island,” let me tell you that despite being at an early stage of development, many of Dynamic Island’s apps and features are fully functional right now.

You can access both Apple-owned app content and content created by third-party app developers thanks to Apple’s decision to let them integrate their apps into the Dynamic Island. For instance, the third-party app Flighty can add your flight information to Dynamic Island so you can tap it to view it.

Gaming App

There are not many gaming apps that support the Dynamic Island feature. However, two gaming apps use this feature and are fun to use.

Hit the Island

Apple iPhone

Play the entertaining game Hit the Island against the pill-shaped cutout on your iPhone by adapting the tried-and-true “Pong” concept. To hit the ball, you essentially have a paddle here that you can move around. You score one point for each time the ball contacts a pill, and the ball’s speed increases after every ten points. The paddle also gets smaller over time, and the ball occasionally even splits into two. The game becomes extremely challenging once you reach the 30–40 point range, so if you’re scoring anything above 45 points, as shown on the leaderboard, you’ll probably be in the top 1% of players.

The game is totally free, and users of the iPhone 14 Pro must give it a shot because of the incredible haptics and entertaining gameplay.

Apollo for Reddit

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The majority of Reddit users would be familiar with Apollo right away. It has a tonne of features and is one of the best third-party Reddit clients. The Dynamic Island Zoo has now been included by the app’s creator, which is a cute little game. You can use this to “adopt” a pixel-pet animal that resides on top of the pill cutout on your iPhone. Although a cat is the default animal present, you can choose a dog too. Additionally, the premium version of the app must be unlocked to use other animals, such as a fox and an axolotl.

By the way, the animals on the island don’t just sit around. They will move around, sit, and even sleep while you use the app, with a floating ‘Zzz’ to indicate that they are asleep. It’s a fun way to use the island that doesn’t even compromise the otherwise perfect app experience.

Calling Apps

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Your iPhone will now display an incoming call along with controls for accepting or rejecting it in the dynamic island. The iPhone 14 Pro now displays the island’s progress counter while you’re on a call. The incoming and outgoing audio waveforms can be seen here as well. It’s interesting to note that while the waveform of the incoming audio is green, the waveform of your speech is yellow/orange. The same feature is supported by all third-party calling apps, which include: WhatsApp, Google Duo, Skype.

Music and Audiobook Apps

Apple iPhone

Most of the popular music and podcasting apps show up on Dynamic Island. You will be able to see a cover image (album art) for the music that’s playing, as well as a waveform. Additionally, if you connect your iPhone to a HomePod or similar device, the waveform will be replaced by the HomePod or Apple TV icon. The third-party music and podcasting apps that function well with Dynamic Island are: Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Amazon Audible for audiobooks, Soundcloud, Pandora, NPR One


Flighty is the premium flight tracker for travellers, featuring an elegant design and plenty of power. It helps to predict the delays of the flight and mentions the gate number that you will use to board your flight. It helps to push notifications fast.

Google Maps

Apple iPhone

The pill also functions with Google Maps. Dynamic Island is currently unable to display navigational instructions or distance. It merely displays a navigation icon in its place. Hopefully, Google will address this in a later update.


These are some of the few third party apps that are using Dynamic Island. However, we expect a huge number of well-known apps to take advantage of the Dynamic Island cutout feature in the coming months so that there’s a lot of scope for fun and games.

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