Amazon Offers Rs.22,000 Discount for Apple iPhone 13

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It has been more than a year since Apple iPhone 13 was released in the global market and since then, its popularity has only grown with each passing day, while Amazon is offering a huge Rs.22,000 discount on it, due to which it can be purchased for Rs.45,490 on the e-commerce giant.

iPhone 13 128BG model is available for purchase on Amazon for a discounted price of Rs.67,490 with blue colour option, while its official starting price at the time of launch in 2021 was Rs.79,900.


  • Amazon is offering new exciting discounts and deals on the iPhone 13.
  • The online retailer is offering an exchange discount of up to Rs.22,000.
  • Apple iPhone 13 was launched at a starting price of Rs.79,900 in 2021.

Apple iPhone 13 Now Available for Rs.45,490 on Amazon

If you’re one of the many folks who couldn’t purchase the Apple iPhone 13 when it came out for whatever reason and want to purchase it now, Amazon is the best platform to buy it as the e-commerce giant is offering a huge discount offer of Rs.22,000.

iPhone 13 pro

Due to this offer, iPhone 13 128GB model with blue colour option is now available at the discounted price of Rs.67,490 as several online retailers an exchange discount of up to Rs.22,000, which when all of them are combined together, bring down the price to Rs.45,490.

For those who don’t know, Apple iPhone 13 was launched at a starting price of Rs.79,900 back in 2021, which had the same display size as its predecessor iPhone 12, along with the same optical features, although its sensors were larger than the previous model.

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Apple iPhone 13 Conclusion

This massive slump in price will definitely inspire many users to purchase an iPhone 13 on Amazon because a Rs.22,000 discount is not small and those who were unwilling to spend Rs.79,900 during the launch of the device will definitely buy it on Amazon for Rs.45,490.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apart from this, Apple has also rolled out the iOS 16.2, which is another huge update to the iOS 16 operating system, where users can avail many new and improved features like Freeform app for creators, always-on display, Apple Music Sing, etc. to name a few, not to mention the 5G support.

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