WhatsApp’s Username Feature Nears Launch After Being Spotted on Beta

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  • Username selection option revived in latest WhatsApp beta version.
  • Validation process introduced to ensure unique, alphanumeric usernames.
  • Username feature addresses privacy concerns, reducing reliance on phone numbers.
  • Anticipated rollout to simplify user connections with memorable identifiers.

WhatsApp is making strides in implementing a much-anticipated feature: the introduction of usernames.

This is not some breaking news however as the company has been spotted testing the feature for a while now.

The promise is to introduce a shift in how users interact, buying and providing an alternative to sharing phone numbers for messaging purposes.

WhatsApp Username To Rollout Soon?

WhatsApp's Username Feature Nears Launch After Being Spotted on Beta
WhatsApp’s Username Feature Nears Launch After Being Spotted on Beta

The journey towards this update has been a marathon rather than a sprint, with whispers of the feature surfacing as early as last year in beta versions.

The latest beta for iOS, version, as highlighted by WABetaInfo, showcases the revival of the username selection option within the app.

This iteration brings a validation process to ensure uniqueness and the use of alphanumeric characters.

The Global Messaging Landscape

The Global Messaging Landscape
The Global Messaging Landscape

WhatsApp’s dominance in global messaging is undisputed, particularly outside the United States.

For India, in particular, and Latin America, and parts of Europe, WhatsApp serves as a lifeline for communication.

As such, the current necessity of sharing a phone number to connect on WhatsApp poses privacy concerns for many.

The forthcoming username option addresses these worries head-on, allowing users to maintain a level of anonymity.

While a phone number might still be required for account setup, the ability to share a username instead offers a cloak of privacy, empowering users to control who has access to their contact information.

A Case of Convenience

A Case of Convenience
A Case of Convenience

However, for most aside from bolstering security, the shift towards usernames carries the potential for greater convenience.

A memorable username can easily replace the need to remember or share a string of digits, simplifying the process of connecting with friends and family.

Searching by username is popular on Instagram, another social media giant under the umbrella of Meta Inc.

As such there is always a to-and-fro of features between all the products of Meta.

Despite the clear progress, WhatsApp has yet to announce when the username feature will be widely available.


What is the WhatsApp Username Feature?

The WhatsApp Username Feature allows users to create unique usernames as an alternative to sharing phone numbers, enhancing privacy and making connections easier.

How does the username validation process work on WhatsApp?

The validation process checks for uniqueness and restricts usernames to alphanumeric characters, ensuring every user has a distinct identifier.

Why is WhatsApp introducing usernames?

WhatsApp aims to address privacy concerns and provide a more convenient way for users to connect without sharing personal phone numbers.

Will I still need a phone number to use WhatsApp with the new username feature?

Yes, a phone number is required for account setup, but the username feature allows for more privacy in subsequent interactions.

When will the WhatsApp Username Feature be available to all users?

Although progress has been made, WhatsApp has not provided an official timeline for the widespread release of the username feature.

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