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Whatsapp has recently rolled out the companion mode under its WhatsApp beta for the Android update. The companion mode enables the user to link the same number and existing WhatsApp account to other Android devices.

It was tipped that the meta-owned company is also planning to roll out the same feature for smartphones in the near future. Currently, the trial rounds are running for the companion mode for mobile phones and the feature is available for some beta users.

What is the companion Mode feature of WhatsApp?

After being almost a consummate chatting platform, this meta-owned company believed something is missing and deserved an addition that derived the new feature that will address ‘frequent users’ concern with not being able to take in use the existing account on several devices.

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Our wish was WhatsApp’s command that delivered its users the ‘Companion Mode’ under the WhatsApp beta for the Android update. After this feature has been part of the desktop version of WhatsApp, it will now be available on tablets.

This feature can give an upper hand to the company as it will help the users to sync their existing numbers on up to four devices at the same time. As this feature will keep all your messages to all the connected devices for users to experience the ease to access the app anywhere.

How to enable Companion Mode in the beta version

WhatsApp Companion Mode

If you are the one with beta testers for the companion Mode of WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. On your secondary device, Go to the WhatsApp application. View and scroll to the settings option to see the ‘Link Device’ button. If the option appears on the screen you can easily operate on another device with the existing account.
  2. To establish the connection, From the original device connect the device further to the secondary device by adding the number and scanning the QR code to complete the process.

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After this, your account number is linked as well as synced to the new mobile phone. Users don’t need to worry about the accurate existence of the chat history as Companion Mode assures the bonafide synchronization of data and media.

Point to Note

it is a beta version, the possibility is high of finding some features of companion mode missing or not available.

Users can only link 4 devices from one number or account. With the same security provision to have end-to-end encrypted personal messages and calls.

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Do remember this is only a beta version for companion mode for some beta testers that will be available to some users. The feature will roll out to the whole wide audience soon with the latest update of the app.


WhatsApp’s new update WhatsApp beta for Android update has put a test on Companion Mode. This can be a great addition to the app with the security intact and linking multiple devices for providing precision and ease in chatting.

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