Fifa World Cup Quick Tour: 5 Most Memorable moments of Fifa World Cup 2022

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With 92 years and 21 tournaments, the world cup has been through a historical journey. Whether the Hand of God, Gazza’s tears or Zidane’s headbutt, the football world cup has several memorable moments that are edged in the memory of not just fans but everyone who lived through the times. As the FIFA World Cup 2022 reached its last leg, let’s take a glimpse of some of the most memorable moments from the tournament so far.

5 Most Memorable moments of Fifa World Cup 2022

Morocco’s 1-0 Victory

Morocco’s 1-0 Victory


Morocco becoming the first African and Arab team to make it to the semifinals of the FIFA World Cup and then the team celebrating their hearts out in the stadium is the single greatest moment of not just the 2022 World Cup but in the history of the game.

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Owning the game in a 1-0 result against a team like Portugal is no simple feat. And Moroccan players made sure everyone remembers the moment until eternity.

The team prostrated in gratitude after registering the historic win at Al Thumama Stadium. Videos and photos of the iconic moment quickly went viral online as millions of fans shared the moment on social media.

Ronaldo’s Heartbreaking Exit

5 most memorable moments of FIFA World Cup

Players crying in the field is not new. But every time it happens, fans break down alongside.

If Morocco’s win was for the history books, Ronaldo’s tears exiting the stadium was also a moment no one would be able to forget easily. From Portugal, Ronaldo was one of the substitutes in the match, as in Switzerland.

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He entered the game against Morocco only in the second half. Though officially not announced yet, many football enthusiasts believe this is the last World Cup for Ronaldo.

So, when the 37-year-old, who is also the only soccer player to have scored in five World Cups, felt the sadness of getting eliminated from the tournament, emotions were for the world to see and feel. Pictures of Ronaldo’s crying while exiting the stadium were one of the most viral images of the day, of the tournament.

Neymar’s Tears

Neymar's Tears - 5 most memorable moments of FIFA World Cup

Speaking of sad Ronaldo, how can football lovers ever forget Brazil’s exit from the tournament and Neymar’s tears? The country that has always been one of the biggest contenders of the cup wasn’t really prepared for elimination after losing to Croatia in a 3-5 penalty shootout.

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The star of the show whenever the Brazilian team is on the field is Neymar. All eyes were on him and Brazil and all eyes reflected the sadness soon after the match on the field. Neymar couldn’t leave his seat and couldn’t control his tears even when the stadium cameras were zooming in.

His teammates did try to calm him down, but in vain and fans had to go through the moment of watching their favourite soccer player return to the dressing room in tears.

Kane’s Missed Penalty

Kane's Missed Penalty

Missed penalties in a football match are always a reason for chaos and often remain one of the most memorable moments of the entire match. However, sometimes missed penalties become a thing forever, so much so that players find it hard to escape from the moment. Harry Kane missing a penalty stroke against France is going to be one such moment for the British football team and fans.

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After getting his team to a 1-1 draw position with a penalty goal, Kane again got the opportunity to go behind the ball in the 96th minute of the game. But the English captain missed covering this time pulling Britain away from the semifinal dream.

Argentina Vs Netherlands

5 most memorable moments of FIFA World Cup

One of the most high-voltage games of the FIFA World Cup 2022! The Netherlands-Argentina matches are always for the history books. The palpable tensions between the two teams have been making headlines forever. The quarterfinals between the Netherlands and Argentina had fans biting off their nails till the last second.

Argentina had a 2-0 lead but had the air snatched from their lungs when Wout Weghorst scored twice in the final minutes of the match. Even though Argentina qualified for moving ahead in the tournament with a 2-2 draw on the scoreboard, their rivalry with the Netherlands throughout the match is undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments of the entire tournament.

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