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In 2010 Qatar closed a deal with FIFA on hosting the World cup 2022 amidst them hosting a  friendly match between Brazil and Argentina. Qatar almost got 10 years excluding the lockdown and restrictions due to the outburst of the COVID-19 virus. Within this period this Arab state might have found the best recipe and the resources to give the best World Cup experience to their viewers. Let’s look into the 5 major reasons that are working as an advantage to this Middle east state:

The ‘transportable’ Stadium

Qatar has developed and designed some advanced stadiums. In this world Cup, The first ever transportable stadium, ‘Stadium 974’ will be used which is unique as it enables dismantling and being reassembled to any part of the world. Qatar built this transportable stadium from scratch with 974 shipping containers. This stadium is called ‘Built to disappear’ for the designated space to be used for other operations and purposes. Including this transportable stadium, there are 8 stadiums in the state where the matches will be held.

Use of Goal-line technology

Qatar has optimally used the preparation period and had a keen eye on all the advancements in technology pertaining to Football. Among the advent of numerous advanced technology, goal-line technology is the paragon of advanced facilities. Qatar has made it possible to inculcate this technology this year in the World Cup with more efficiency. For this, 14 high-speed cameras were installed to track the ball enabling the officials to take certain decisions in the spur of the moment.

Stadium cooling Technology

The stadium was built afresh after getting the deal, where the Arab state focused on the setting arrangements and the climate that can affect the audience. Qatar kept all into account and designed smart stadiums. People were skeptical of how the hot state can make their audience comfortable. In response, each stadium of Qatar has cooling technology that is responsible for providing chilled water for keeping the ground moist enough for the match, and the chilled water is converted into the cold air that will be pushed to the stadium.

Easy transportation

Qatar being a small Arab state with a developed transportation system has made the connectivity easy for its audience to trot from one stadium to the other. The stadiums were patterned in a way that provides an ease to commute for the visitors. Qatar made sure the visitors must find their accommodation within a reasonable radius of the stadiums to enhance their experience.

The first-ever “Winter World Cup.”

Thank Qatar for giving us the first-ever winter football World cup. Moreover, after the stressful prior two years of COVID-19, one will be grateful for such a surreal experience of embedding advanced technology without any compromise of any sort. FIFA made the conventional June-July tournament possible in the piping heat of Qatar by molding the rules and presenting the “Winter World Cup.”

The verdict

All in all, this can be said Qatar World Cup 2022 is here to give the visitors, viewers, players, and officials involved a different and new experience. Qatar has mindfully included all the advanced technologies and the concerns of the people while also keeping their culture intact. SMART MOVE!

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