Fifa World Cup Top Controversies: Zakir Naik to Japan Controversial Goal

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The Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 has been in the middle of several controversies right from the day it was announced that the country is hosting the tournament. From worker’s rights, allegations of corruption, and same-sex relationships, headlines have been grabbed every other day. So, what are some of the top Fifa World Cup Top Controversies? Here are our top 5.

Opening Ceremony and Anthem

Opening Ceremony and Anthem - fifa world cup top controversies

Controversies around FIFA World Cup 2022 right from the preparation stage and reached the peak during the opening ceremony planning specifically. Many well-known artists and musicians refused to perform in the ceremony citing Emirate’s internal policies on human rights violations.

Singers Dua Lipa and Shakira didn’t just refuse to perform but they even rejected collaboration on the tournament anthem.

This constant back and forth between artists and Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 team received much attention from the media and was constantly reported. British singer Rod Stewart was even quoted in the media speaking on this issue as he said, “They offered me a lot of money, more than a million dollars, to perform there [in Qatar]. I turned it down. It’s not right to go there.”

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Japan 2–1 Spain: Tanaka 51′

Japan 2–1 Spain: Tanaka 51'

The Group E Japan vs Spain game on December 1 was another day full of on-field controversies. The biggest one was a goal that remained at the centre of discussion for a long period of time. Ao Tanaka, Japan’s midfielder, scored a controversial goal (the second goal for his team in the game).

The ball as it appears to be in Unai Simón’s net sometime after it seemed to have gone out of play. After much delay and deliberations, VAR eventually awarded the goal to Japan. It was later revealed through an image that the ball actually never fully crossed the line even by the narrowest of margins.

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The controversial goal of Japan did quite a few manoeuvres on the score table as it played a crucial part in the country topping Group E, Germany’s elimination from the World Cup, Die Mannschaft finishing third even after managing a victory over Costa Rica.

Zakir Naik in Qatar

Zakir Naik in Qatar - fifa world cup top controversies

Controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik was in Qatar to deliver sermons during the FIFA World Cup. A wanted man in India, Naik is one of the most contentious Islamic personalities worldwide who is not only a fugitive but also accused of endorsing Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

He has been accused of radicalising youth, having links with terrorists, terror funding, and money laundering. Naik’s presence in the country during the tournament and Qatar’s continuous courting of him was one of the most controversial few days.

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Deaths of Journalists

Deaths of Journalists

Apart from the Netherlands vs. Argentina game being controversial in itself, the American soccer journalist Grant Wahl dying during the game on 10 December 2022 made headlines across the world.

Wahl suddenly collapsed and died during the game without anyone realised what actually happened to him. He only experiences experienced cold-like symptoms prior to the game and was otherwise well.

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Moroccan riots

Moroccan riots - fifa world cup top controversies

The Group F Belgium vs Morocco game on 27 November ended in an expected defeat for Belgium. And what followed was a series of attacks and riots by Moroccan fans in the Belgian cities of Brussels, Antwerp and Liege, and in the Dutch cities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and The Hague.

As the riots took an ugly turn, the country riot police had to come in between physically in Rotterdam and break up a group of 500 soccer supporters. Two police officers were injured and more than 10 people were reportedly detained.

The whole incident of unrest in Amsterdam and The Hague was covered by the media all across the country.

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