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Learn about the FIFA World Cup 2022 broadcast schedule in India.

The football fiesta season has begun, and fans all over the world can’t stop cheering for their favourite teams. The FIFA World Cup happens every four years, and a total of 18 countries have hosted it; this time it’s happening in Qatar.

This will be the first time a Middle Eastern nation has hosted the FIFA World Cup, and as a result, the inaugural edition will take place outside of the traditional June-July window for the football extravaganza. This was done to escape the summer desert heat in Qatar. A total of 64 matches will be held in eight stadiums across Qatar.

This news also met with scrutiny as fans began questioning the appropriateness of Qatar as a host nation and the legitimacy of the FIFA World Cup bidding process when it was announced that the World Cup would be held in that country. This decision sparked a number of disputes. Qatar, being the world’s third richest country, lacks a football culture. Also, the critics were concerned about Qatar’s record of human rights violations, their treatment of migrant workers, and their position on LGBT issues. most of all, the high expected cost and the local climate. Organisations all around the world also ran a “boycott FIFA” campaign as they were unhappy with the selection of Qatar as the host country.

On the other hand, die-hard football fans have overlooked every controversy as they only want to see their team compete and win the FIFA World Cup. Although India never participates in the FIFA World Cup, football has a large following in India. All Indian fans might not be able to go to Qatar, but they can enjoy the live FIFA World Cup 2022 broadcast in India from the comfort of their homes.

Viacom 18, backed by Reliance, has secured the broadcasting rights in India. They have three new sports TV channels in India: Sports 18 1, Sports 18 1 HD, and Sports 18 Khel. All the matches will be televised live on all three channels. In order to watch the matches, users will have to subscribe to channels through their respective DTH systems.

Sports 18 and Sports 18 HD are premium English-language channels, while Sports 18 Khel is a free Hindi-language channel. Although Sports 18 Khel is free, it has limited availability in India currently.

The second and most preferred way to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 broadcast in India is through the Jio Cinema app and Jio Cinema website. The app will broadcast all the highlights, expert talks, and matches for free. You’ll be able to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 broadcast in different regional languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali.

FIFA World Cup 2022

One of the positive points about this ordeal is that fans will not need a Jio SIM card in order to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 broadcast in India. You can download the Jio Cinema app through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

The games have already begun, and teams have started to advance further. The schedule of the FIFA World Cup is as follows:

Match Date  Fixture  Time 
1 November 20 Qatar vs Ecuador 9.30 PM
2 November 21 England vs Iran 6:30 PM
3 November 21 Senegal vs Netherlands 9:30 PM
4 November 22 USA vs Wales 12:30 AM
5 November 22 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia 3:30 PM
6 November 22 Denmark vs Tunisia 6:30 PM
7 November 22 Mexico vs Poland 9:30 PM
8 November 23 France vs Australia 12:30 AM
9 November 23 Morocco vs Croatia 3:30 PM
10 November 23 Germany vs Japan 6:30 PM
11 November 23 Spain vs Costa Rica 9:30 PM
12 November 24 Belgium vs Canada 12:30 AM
13 November 24 Switzerland vs Cameroon 3:30 PM
14 November 24 Uruguay vs South Korea 6.30 PM
15 November 24 Portugal vs Ghana 9:30 PM
16 November 25 Brazil vs Serbia 12:30 AM
17 November 25 Wales vs Iran 3:30 PM
18 November 25 Qatar vs Senegal 6:30 PM
19 November 25 Netherlands vs Ecuador 9:30 PM
20 November 26 England vs USA 12:30 AM


Match Date  Fixture  Time 
21 November 26 Tunisia vs Australia 3:30 PM
22 November 26 Poland vs Saudi Arabia 6:30 PM
23 November 26 France vs Denmark 9:30 PM
24 November 27 Argentina vs Mexico 12:30 AM
25 November 27 Japan vs Costa Rica 3:30 PM
26 November 27 Belgium vs Morocco 6:30 PM
27 November 27 Croatia vs Canada 9:30 PM
28 November 28 Spain vs Germany 12:30 AM
29 November 28 Cameroon vs Serbia 3:30 PM
30 November 28 South Korea vs Ghana 6:30 PM
31 November 28 Brazil vs Switzerland 6:30 PM
32 November 29 Portugal vs Uruguay 12:30 AM
33 November 29 Ecuador vs Senegal 8:30 PM
34 November 29 Netherlands vs Qatar 8:30 PM
35 November 30 Iran vs USA 12:30 AM
36 November 30 Wales vs England 12:30 AM
37 November 30 Australia vs Denmark 8:30 PM
38 December 1 Tunisia vs France 8:30 PM
39 December 1 Poland vs Argentina 12:30 AM
40 December 1 Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 12:30 AM


Match Date  Fixture  Time 
41 December 1 Canada vs Morocco 8:30 PM
42 December 1 Croatia vs Belgium 8:30 PM
43 December 2 Costa Rica vs Germany 12:30 AM
44 December 2 Japan vs Spain 12:30 AM
45 December 2 Ghana vs Uruguay 8.30 PM
46 December 2 South Korea vs Portugal 8.30 PM
47 December 3 Cameroon vs Brazil 12:30 AM
48 December 3 Serbia vs Switzerland 12:30 AM
Round of 16
49 December 3 1A vs 2B 8.30 PM
50 December 4 1C vs 2D 12:30 AM
51 December 4 1D vs 2C 8:30 PM
52 December 5 1B vs 2A 12:30 AM
53 December 5 1E vs 2F 8:30 PM
54 December 6 1G vs 2H 12:30 AM
55 December 6 1F vs 2E 8:30 PM
56 December 7 1H vs 2G 12:30 AM
57 December 9 Winner of Match 53 vs Winner of Match 54 8:30 PM
58 December 10 Winner of Match 49 vs Winner of Match 50 12:30 AM
59 December 10 Winner of Match 55 vs Winner of Match 56 8:30 PM
60 December 12 Winner of Match 52 vs Winner of Match 51 12:30 AM


61 December 14 Winner of Match 57 vs Winner of Match 58 12:30 AM
62 December 15 Winner of Match 59 vs Winner of Match 60 12:30 AM
Third place match
63 December 17 Loser of Match 61 vs Loser of Match 62 8:30 PM
Final 8:30 PM
64 December 18 Winner of Match 61 vs Winner of Match 62


So there you have it, The full schedule, Broadcasting details, Teams and venue information. Have a blast while watching your favourite team.

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