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Patients have a hard time understanding the doctor’s prescription as the handwriting is quite sophisticated and small, due to which a common man is unable to make head or tails of it but it can now be sorted out due to a new feature from Google that was announced at the 8th edition of Google for India 2022 event.

The tech giant announced a brand new tool through which users can understand the handwriting of the doctor in a better manner as it is well known what many patients go through to understand such complicated handwriting.

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  • Google hosted Google for India 2022 event in India today.
  • At the event, Google announced a new tool that will let users understand a doctor’s handwriting better.
  • Google said that this tool is still in development.

Google Creates New Feature Through Which Doctor’s Handwriting Can be Understood

Whenever anyone falls sick, he goes to the doctor for a check-up and has to diligently take the medicines and pills that has been prescribed for a specific number of days.

However, one of the biggest problems that many patients face is that they are unable to understand the doctor’s handwriting and have a hard time deciphering what is written.

It goes without saying that the handwriting of a doctor is extremely difficult to read where most of the patients either cannot understand or completely misunderstand the medicines and instructions prescribed, which happens more often than not.

To provide a solution, Google came up with a new tool at the 8th edition of the company’s annual Google for India 2022 event, through which people will be able to understand a doctor’s handwriting better.decipher the doctor's handwriting

It is called the ‘state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning model’ which can help users to identify and highlight medicines within handwritten prescriptions.

Google has designed this new feature in a way that will act as an assistive technology where handwritten medical documents can be digitized by augmenting human beings in the loop like, for example, doctors and pharmacists.

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Step-by-Step Guide

  1. For using this feature, users need to scan their doctor’s prescription via the smartphone camera as was showcased by the company at the Google for India 2022 event via the demo’s feature that everyone got to see.
  2. Once the scanning is complete, Google will show them all the listed medicines in the scanned documents along with their descriptions, composition, directions for using, and the side-effects.
  3. Users can also find a speaker button in the tool because it will help users in pronouncing it whenever they fist a doctor or pharmacist, while there is another button at the bottom that will help them searching for the medicines on Google Search.

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