This is How You Can Now Bring iOS 16’s Coolest Home Screen Feature to Android

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If you are an Android user, there is no need to feel left out for not having the coolest iOS feature on your device. We are talking about the latest attention-grabbing iOS home screen feature introduced in the recently launched iPhone 14 series – “Dynamic Island.” To know how you can now get this exclusive iPhone feature on your android devices, continue reading.

What is “Dynamic Island”?

Well… this is how Apple, the world’s largest technology company, rolls innovation. Since the iPhone 14 series has hit the market, this pill-shaped notch that consolidates all notifications, activities and alerts in a single interactive space. Integrated with iOS 16, Apple has designed it to work with all apps and seamlessly change your homescreen as per your needs.

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The notch smoothly expands to grab attention politely in case of incoming calls, when the user plays audio to get playback controls and when the options to answer or reject the call is required. This coolest feature comes with a versatile interface innovation too.

The purpose of Dynamic Island is to display significant information under one space on top of your homescreen. Animation of the island is very smooth thanks to the black sensors matching the pixels.

How to A Feature like “Dynamic Island” on Android Phones?

coolest iOS feature

We have an app for everything, they said. And they were right. There’s nothing that we do not have an app for. The replication of iOS 16 coolest feature too is already available though the “DynamicSpot” app available on Android.

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The app is otherwise free to download and use but some of the advanced features will need the activation of the Pro version. The DynamicSpot Pro version is available for a one-time payment of $5 and users can use both, the free or paid version based on their requirement.

Once installed, the app will require some permissions to be able to function in its full capability. DynamicSpot might ask for the access to your notifications, which is needed to display them on the Dynamic Island. It will also need permission upon installation to draw overlays on the Android interface. This permission is needed for DynamicSpot to create different-sized black shapes.

DynamicSpot has an advantage that even the iOS 16 feature might not be able to offer. It offers the option to customise. The app provides users the option to be able to configure the alerts and also the option to alter the appearance of the app. While altering the appearance of the app, users can alter location on the screen, size, and degree to which its corners are rounded. Moreover, DynamicSpot users will also have the option to get two popup alerts at the same time whenever new information is received.

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Those Android users interested in downloading DynamicSpot to experience the Apple-like features on Android should note that the app is still in Beta stage. This means the app might have some bugs and will not be flawless. The two expected issues as per the developer would be in compatibility or the smoothness of the notch animations.

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