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One of the broadly asked questions among the gaming community: Is a gaming PC better than a PlayStation? If you are a rookie in the community and want to know whether to acquire a PlayStation console or go for a fully-fledged gaming PC, then the article is for you.

The article will furnish a complete guide without any biased standpoint on the topic of PlayStation vs Gaming PC; all the prominent points like price, performance, and much more will be covered in the article. With this, let’s roll on our article.

A quick comparison between PlayStation and Gaming PC


Every gamer planning to buy a gaming system will glance at the expenditure of the particular system. The pricing definitions of a PlayStation and a PC are different. For a PlayStation, one has to buy the console and some other controllers, but when buying a gaming PC, there are some other things that you have to purchase after some time, like RAM, Storage and much more.

If you look at the standard price comparison, then basically, a gaming PC will make you spend some additional bucks on it than a PlayStation. PlayStation usually costs cheaper than a gaming PC if the PC has identical specifications as the PlayStation model.

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Updating yourself timely is the rule of the world, and the gaming community also pursues the same. To upgrade your gaming system regularly, you should drive for a gaming PC rather than a PlayStation.

One cannot upgrade a PlayStation if someone imagines improving the processor of the console; they are not given the ability to pursue it. One can only elevate their PlayStation gaming system by changing it and buying a higher model.

On the other hand, we have gaming PCs that can be heightened anytime, and you can change anything in them. If a new graphic card is launched, then you have the strength to change the older one and add the new one.

In gaming PCs, many components can be upgraded, like graphic cards, RAM, storage space, and much more.

PlayStation vs Gaming PC

Advantages of Gaming PC

Here are some advantages of gaming PC in detail:


When assembling a gaming PC, one can choose all the components that will be fitted into the PC. From graphics cards to SDD, all the rulings are in your hand. You can design the gaming PC according to your demands and needs.

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You can even decide the looks of your gaming PC, which is an incredible privilege when heading for a gaming PC.

Amazing Gaming Experience

Due to high-end specifications, a gaming PC is capable enough to deliver a jaw-dropping experience when playing games. A gaming PC provides an astounding FPS rate with realistic graphics that fits nicely on a high-resolution screen. Blending all these gaming PCs makes someone feel that they are in the game for real.

Less Priced Games

A gaming system is exclusively a gaming system when it has games installed in it, and for installing games, you require money. PC games generally cost less than console games because in the PC gaming market, there is a lot of competition, so if you have bought a costly PC, then you will end up safeguarding money on games.

Independence from decided controllers

In a console, one can only play with a gamepad, and if someone is not satisfied with it, they do not have any other alternative. Still, when having a gaming PC, you can play with whatever tool you want, with a keyboard or with a gamepad, and if thinking of having a realistic experience in driving, then you can install steering in your system for real.

PlayStation vs Gaming PC

Advantages of PlayStation

Below are detailed benefits of a PlayStation

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PlayStation is more affordable than high-end gaming PCs in general. If a gamer has a specific budget in which it seems complicated to buy a gaming PC, then the gamer should rush for PlayStation. The PlayStation may give you less realistic graphics than a PC, but the PlayStation is worth the investment.

Wide Variety of AAA games

Sony studio is a good ally of Microsoft that has advantaged them in a substantial range of AAA games. Even some AAA games are not available on PC for PlayStation. Some examples are The Last of Us, the Uncharted series, and God of War (2018), and you can flaunt this in front of PC gamers.

Wireless Gaming

You can play games on the PlayStation while relaxing on your bed or sofa. The controllers are formulated in a way that someone can play with them in any position.

Multiplayer Games

Suppose your friends are at your home and all of you four are sensing boredom, then you can jab on your PlayStation and play a multiplayer game like a racing game, fighting game and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are gaming PCs better than consoles?

Gaming PCs are believed to be better than consoles because they provide a realistic gaming experience and are customizable with being upgraded easily.

Why should you buy a gaming PC?

Gaming PC offers a range of benefits, including a breathtaking gaming experience, great FPS rate, ability to play with any controller and Upgradation facility.

Why are consoles suitable?

Consoles are suitable for someone who has a tight budget, and for them, gaming quality doesn’t matter much.

What is the percentage of PC gamers?

As per the data available, we can see that there are only 35% PC gamers and the rest are console gamers.

Final Words

Many people are confused by the age-old debate of  PlayStation vs Gaming PC, and they get confused when planning to buy a gaming system. In this article, we struggled to assist them.

The article concludes that if someone wants a fully customized gaming system with a top-notch gaming experience, they should depart for a gaming PC. Still, if you are one for whom price matters a lot and want to do gaming only for fun, then a PlayStation will be a suitable substitute.

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