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Every online action you take, including banking, shopping, and commenting on social media posts, leaves a digital footprint—basically, a trace of you in cyberspace. For the majority of people, this is just an unavoidable side effect of how convenient online life is, but for some people—such as those concerned about online security or who have been the target of doxxing, spoofing, or spyware attacks—the idea that Google is monitoring their every move is intolerable.

However, leaving digital traces should worry you because data brokers may use them maliciously against you. Data brokers use a variety of invasive strategies, such as purchasing and selling your contact information and address book, to keep a close eye on your online browsing patterns. Data brokers even go so far as to create an entire advertising profile, which is later sold to the highest bidder.

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You must therefore delete your online data, and there are tools available to make this process as easy as possible. In other words, it’s never been simpler to cut down on the spam you receive or stop telemarketers from obtaining your phone number. You can do it by deleting your digital footprint with the use of Surfshark Incogni.

Incogni is a data removal tool created by the Surfshark team that helps you remove users’ personal information from data brokers (explained below). There are dozens of data brokers in Incogni’s large database. This includes large-scale data brokers, which are not typically covered by deletion services.

Learn How to Remove Your Digital Traces Using Incogni

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Incogni also works with marketing, health, and financial brokers, so you won’t suddenly see an increase in your insurance premium or receive those annoying messages. Incogni also plans to add people search brokers in the near future, which is better for protecting the privacy of your online identity. While there are other services that can connect you with data brokers besides Incogni, most of them only give you a half-hearted effort and leave most of the work up to you. Fortunately, everything is automated in this case because Incogni manages all data requests from beginning to end.

Furthermore, Incogni makes sure that your data records are deleted and that you don’t get taken advantage of by a data broker. Thus they keep track of your data records every day to make sure your data stays deleted, and you remain anonymous on the internet.

Practically everything is taken care of for you by Incogni. All you need to do is to begin your journey to online freedom by registering and submitting some personal data on Incogni.

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