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Google Chrome is working on a new feature that can block suspicious HTTP downloads that are prevalent everywhere due to which a solution has been in discussions for a long time and may arrive with Chrome 111.

There are many HTTP websites that are unsecure for use that Google has to deal with but currently the secure websites have been blocked from using these unsecure platforms because there are plans to encourage browsing in a safe and secure manner.

Add Hues To Your Google Chrome Browser’s Tab


  • Google Chrome currently flags HTTP websites as “Not Secure”.
  • Chrome currently blocks secure websites from using insecure web forms.
  • The browser also uses an “Always use secure connections” toggle.

Google Chrome Plans to Block Fake HTTP Downloads

Google Chrome is the most reliable and, therefore, the most used search engine we have today where people simply have to type the keywords they want to search and press ‘Enter’, following which many solutions pop up in the form of articles and blogs.

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As of late, there have been numerous HTTP downloads that are deemed dangerous due to which Google Chrome is working on this new development where user data will be protected from such fake HTTP downloads.

Most of the secure websites are using HTTPS encryption but Chrome is firm on blocking all HTTP downloads so that users can browse in a safe and secure manner, while currently, the browser has only a handful of security features where you have mixed elements, along with an “Always use secure connections” toggle in the security settings.

If recent reports are anything to go by, there was a new code change spotted online with a feature that warns users regarding insecure downloads from sites via HTTP, while the browser comes with a ‘Not Secure’ warning for older websites that are HTTP-encrypted in the address bar.

The browser will block all downloads that it deems unsafe even if the HTTP encrypted website redirects users to a server with an insecure HTTP for download so that the user is taken to another secure HTTPS connection but if the webpage is available only via HTTP encryption, all the downloads from the site will be blocked by Chrome.

Google Chrome plans to bring this new update with Chrome 111 that comes out in a few months in March 2023 where it will soon undergo testing to make sure that it will be safe for use once it is launched, while Chrome could bring out more information about it very soon.

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