Delhi Govt Launches Updated ‘one Delhi’ App For Frequent Travellers

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As it was rightly estimated by the analyst that after successfully overcoming and managing the sudden outbreak of The Covid-19 disease, services around the world will increase by ‘n’ numbers and that is exactly what is happening. The working population has again started working from the office and the students are again travelling incessantly to attend their offline lectures. This coming back of conventional normal norms with some obvious precautions pushed the Delhi government to revamp their ‘One Delhi’ app. What would be better for the regular bus travellers to exhaust a little less to track their bus and to know the authenticity of their preferred route? To cut down this exasperated art of navigating the bus across Delhi the idea of the ‘One Delhi’ mobile app was established in 2019 by the Delhi government with the support of the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Delhi., this prototype however needed some obvious updates and rectifications. x The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal states that this initiative is also a practice to escalate the country’s transportation system to international standards.

It was reported on November 2nd, that the Delhi government has launched the revamped rendition of the app, where Transport Minister of Delhi Kailash Gahlot, led from the front.  This all-in-one app was conceived practically two years ago to resolve all the basic challenges faced by the Delhi population daily while navigating the track for their route-associated public vehicle that is hindering their ‘can be possible!’ reliable, easy, and timely commute system. The ‘One App’ Delhi entails all the details significant or maybe trivial to frequent travellers in Delhi about the bus route and its payment method. This app confirms the easy availability of installation on both Android and iOS devices as the majority of the population residing across this metropolitan city has access and literacy to operate a smartphone.

One Delhi App

The unlikeliness between the metro system and the other public transportation system in Delhi is nearly unmissable. How the slightly unorganised manner of commuting details frustrates frequent travellers made this app and its added updated features the need of the hour, before the other public transportation systems become unreliable for the regular commuters. If your next bugging question is, What extraordinary to expect from this app? Then it can be answered quite positively as this app will help on many tangents, including to aid in providing reliable assistance to bus travellers in organising their journey. Additionally, this mobile app has a feature that involves live tracking of around 7,000 buses and discovering the exact waiting time of the buses before arriving at a particular bus stop.


The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and his team perceived and worked on the idea of providing a one-stop platform to their people a convenient way of booking any public transport, excluding Metro with an ease of a single click, with the rise in digitization and understandability rate among the public regarding the basic app for regular use.

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