WhatsApp Said to Be Questioned by IT Ministry for Cause of Tuesday’s Outage

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WhatsApp service got a technical error on Tuesday and users were left complaining about the disrupted services as they were not able to send or receive text and video messages. The services halted for nearly 2 hours. It resulted in a loss of communication between individuals and businesses as well. At first, the WhatsApp outage was thought to be a simple error as no one expected the outage to last for 2 hours. It turned out to be big news as a lot of businesses nowadays are dependent on WhatsApp services for daily operations and inter as well intra communications.

WhatsApp is most widely used by users for group and individual chat. Several businesses also use it as a means of communication as it is mostly used by a large number of people. Owing to this popularity WhatsApp services play an important role in small business communications. However, the normal business operation halted as the outage occurred without any prior information. It appeared as if WhatsApp itself was not aware of such an incident, however, the IT Ministry asked for the reason for this outage to which WhatsApp responded in a very feeble manner.

The Chain of Events

The IT ministry has enquired Meta Owned WhatsApp to disclose the reasons behind Tuesday’s service outage. Reportedly, the messaging platform suffered an outage on Tuesday causing disruption in the services. The snag left the users helpless as the services to receive text and video messages were hampered for nearly two hours. The IT Ministry asked the company to share reasons for such discrepancies. However, it did not furnish any clear response to the ministry. The officials responded to the WhatsApp outage as a “technical error” on Tuesday night. The spokesperson responded that the outage occurred due to a technical error on their part and it has now been resolved.

WhatsApp service

The outage tracking reports agency, Downdetector stated that the messaging app was dysfunctional as several users across the world reported on Tuesday afternoon. At one time Approx. 29000 users flagged its report on, Downdetector. Its heatmap depicted major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata impacted by the snag.

Yesterday it was reported that the users could not send messages via WhatsApp on android as well as on iOS. It typically displayed a single tick for the message sent and a double tick for the message delivered. On the day of the WhatsApp outage, the users confirmed that no tick mark was displayed when they sent messages in group chats or in individual conversations. WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp’s desktop apps too were affected by similar issues.

The way Ahead

Being the foremost app used by people for their day-to-day conversations and for business communication as well, WhatsApp services must be ready for quick resolution of such outages. They need to have certain mechanisms in place to avoid such occurrences in the near future. The experts should identify and resolve any such technical errors in advance so that the users do not face any such issues. The IT ministry too asked for the reason for the WhatsApp outage due to the reasons discussed above.

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