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In Brief

WhatsApp is the proverbial messaging platform that everyone uses that has replaced SMS service a long while back and evolved from being a mere service for sending and receiving messages to being a way to virtually communicate with near and dear ones sitting on the other side of the planet via video calls.

It has been more than a decade since WhatsApp came into existence but continues to hold fort when it comes to messaging services despite the likes of Telegram and Signal having a significant following of their own.

For any application or product to sustain itself for a long time, it has to come out with upgraded features so that people don’t lose interest over the app and start looking out for better alternatives for it, which happens quite a lot.

Fortunately, WhatsApp is among the few that does bring out features every now and then, with the latest one being something that many users will love as it has been in high demand for a long time.

A big problem that many users have had with WhatsApp is its notification feature that constantly goes off whenever a new one is generated, which has unfortunately earned WhatsApp a small notoriety of being one of the most annoying apps on Google Play.

This is why many users have demanded an automatic muting of groups so that they don’t constantly pop up a new message every second because the notifications go off whenever the message pops up.

Luckily, WhatsApp Mute feature is steadily reaching users due to which certain WhatsApp Groups will be automatically muted by the platform, which annoyingly cause vibrations or ringing on your smartphones nonstop all day and so the platform is turning off all notifications for all groups that has more than 256 members so as to avoid oversaturation.

WhatsApp Mute

WhatsApp has provided support for groups having up to 1,024 users, a big number and so all groups with more than 256 members will be muted automatically even though the messages will continue coming in, but without alerting you as the smartphone will not let you know until the app is launched.

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It is a different matter for users that want to get notifications as they can turn it on if needed and if you join a large WhatsApp group with more than the requisite number of members and stop getting notifications, it is the feature to blame.


As mentioned, if users are joining a group with less than 256 members, the notifications will be turned on by default, which they can easily disable, but only manually, not automatically.

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