WhatsApp Comes Up with Updated Features; New Emojis Added

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WhatsApp constantly comes up with upgraded features to cater to the taste of its users and now it has added 21 new emojis on its site, which might become available to all Android and iOS devices very soon.

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  • WhatsApp’s 21 new emojis are something that many users will definitely cherish when it is presented to them
  • WhatsApp version will be the first one that will be updated with this feature
  • WABetaInfo, a popular web portal for WhatsApp applications has confirmed the news that the added emojis will help users to convey their feelings in a better way.

WhatsApp’s 21 New Emojis an Added Bonus

Messaging platforms are dime a dozen these days where you can not only send/receive messages but perform a variety of tasks in it like audio/video calls, which was not available during the days of SMS where you could only type the message but not convey the context.

The addition of emojis on messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal has changed things in a much better way for users as they can not only post messages but can also add the emojis to express what they’re currently feeling at the moment.

WhatsApp is coming up with 21 new emojis as the Google Play Beta program has launched WhatsApp Version as it also began testing connections among multiple devices like Windows, Android, and iOS.

It was the renowned website, WABetaInfo, which gave the news of WhatsApp working on more than 21 new emojis that will soon be available in a future update, while the ones that already exist will undergo a change in appearance for the sake of variety.

There are 8 existing emojis that WhatsApp plans to update that are already present in the beta application while the new ones too will be added in due course, which will be exciting news for the users.

Users that already have the most recent beta from Google Play can avail the new emojis, while the 21 others are not available at the moment and WhatsApp too has not divulged anything as to when the new version will arrive, which it might reveal very soon.

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