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Xiaomi smartphones have always been popular among users across the world but the company too come out with new features to live up to certain expectations, which is why there is a new MIUI software feature through which battery customization can be managed.

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  • Xiaomi announced a new update on its upcoming Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones, which will be an MIUI software feature
  • The iconic appearance of the battery can be easily changed by users in a jiffy, along with the power level display
  • There is also the battery icon percentage issue that has been in the news as it has been integrated into iPhone 14 series.

Xiaomi smartphones Battery Icon Customization Made Easy

Xiaomi devices have been quite well received in 2022, along with many others’ like Apple, Samsung, Google, and smaller brands like Infinix, OPPO, etc., which is quite an excellent feat.

Xiaomi too is bringing out new features for its devices like the MIUI software feature, while announcing on many online portals that all Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones will be availed with this feature where the icons that display the power level in the status bar can be personalized.

Xiaomi smartphones

The new battery icon emoji will soon be available on all devices where users can change the battery icon appearance at will, which includes its size and shape by choosing a proper MIUI theme.

Even the battery icon can be changed on Xiaomi handsets, which had recently been integrated into the new iPhone 14 Pro lineup, while the Chinese tech giant may very well bring the dynamic island to Android smartphones as well.

Xiaomi has been working in this direction for a long time since they has independent developers working for them, which is why they have certain liberties they can capitalize upon like the MIUI theme through which videos and images can use the dynamic island feature.

There are a lot of things being worked upon by Xiaomi but the MIUI software is quite new on their cards, which is why they want to tread carefully with this feature and work out things smoothly.

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