Top 5 Reasons To Look Out For Control 2

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Recently, Remedy Entertainment has confirmed the sequel of the worldwide appreciated ‘Control’. The remedy is coming up with numerous innovative games lately and now its official stamp on Control 2 has left gamers curious and stoked. Moreover, Remedy will be formulating Control 2 with 505 Games. It will be interesting to see these 2 companies co-producing and co-developing the game. The developers have affirmed that the expansion of the game will be relevant to its forerunner. Additionally, before this news saw daylight, the producers were referred to call the game with Codename Heron; later, stick to Control 2. It is tipped further that the initial budget of the game will be EUR 50 million, and the two companies will equally divide the revenue generated from Control 2. Besides this, the company has confirmed the launch of Control 2 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, along with the entire production on Remedy’s proprietary Northlight engine. Yet, there is no update on the story, gameplay and launch date; however, Remedy has released some teasers indicating the artwork we can expect from the game.

The gamers indeed are waiting for what to expect from this sequel, after the success of Control. Further, we have jotted down the top 5 reasons that can render you an extraordinary sequel.

A haunting atmosphere

Control has delivered a great deal of graphics to their users and had an upper hand in creating spooky environments with vivid and detailed graphics even of the character models to set the tone of the story. The technology and processors used to capture motion carried the fondness of the game manifolds as they provided a realistic touch to the characters’ appearance and also created entertaining combat and destructible segments. You can expect the same and even more from the upcoming sequel.

Hooked storytelling

We got a powerful story in Control that was tightly managed and laid off the events with reasonable twists and turns. The game was logically and realistically based on the thriller journey of Jesse Faden, thrown into the chaos at the Oldest House with her.

Top 5 Reasons To Look Out For Control 2

Top-notch Combat

Control made their protagonist look believable during the combat scenes. This painfully perfect combat experience has been the unique aspect of the game since the beginning. Additionally, the levitation ability embedded in Jesse creates a  ripple effect on the combat experience.

Explore beyond and more!

The map has still a lot to offer on the exploration front. It can be said, the users have not been to every stretch of the map yet. If the user took a lengthy time to complete the task and has been straying to nooks and corners there is the possibility of discovering different secrets of the Federal Bureau of Control.

Formidable scope

There are still loads to offer and expect from the game. The balanced and rational mixture of plot, combat, and virtuals promises a thickening and intriguing orbit.


Control has already heightened our expectations from Control 2, Jesse has a lot to search for, and so do we as the players and speculators. These reasons are ambitious enough to make the upcoming sequel a promising sequel to look forward to.

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