Thuraya Skyphone with Satellite Calling for Remote Adventures Unveiled at MWC

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  • Thuraya Skyphone blends smartphone utility with satellite connectivity.

  • Features a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen and IP67 dust/water resistance.

  • Seamless switch from cellular to satellite network for global coverage.

  • “Pay as you talk” billing for satellite calls without subscription fees.

We first saw the introduction of satellite connections by the iPhone 14 series which did mark a significant leap forward, primarily for connecting with emergency services.

However, the concept of making actual calls from the remotest corners of the Earth, say, from the peaks of the Alps, remained a distant dream until now.

Enter the Thuraya Skyphone, a groundbreaking device that merges the everyday utility of a smartphone with the unparalleled reach of satellite technology.

Here’s what you should know

An Everyday Android Phone with Extraordinary Capabilities

An Everyday Android Phone with Extraordinary Capabilities

The UAE-based Thuraya, leveraging its fleet of 5 satellites, has introduced the Skyphone as a “universal satellite phone” or what we’d prefer to call a hybrid.

Operating predominantly as a typical Android smartphone, the Skyphone distinguishes itself with its ability to switch to satellite signal seamlessly, ensuring connectivity beyond the constraints of terrestrial network coverage.

Despite its robust feature set, including a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen and a retractable antenna necessary for satellite communication, the Skyphone maintains a user-friendly form factor.

It might be on the thicker side, akin to a smartphone encased in a rugged cover, but it doesn’t compromise on ergonomics or durability, boasting an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance.

The device offers a clean Android experience, free from the clutter of custom skins and unnecessary bloatware, focusing on performance and reliability.

Beyond Borders: Seamless Global Communication

Beyond Borders: Seamless Global Communication
Beyond Borders: Seamless Global Communication

Like any smartphone, the Skyphone operates on cellular networks with a standard SIM card for regular calls and data.

However, when venturing beyond the coverage area or even overseas, instead of relying on traditional roaming services, the Skyphone taps into Thuraya’s satellite network.

This transition is said to be as smooth as switching data plans, with calls made via satellite appearing no different to recipients than those made through regular cellular service.

The billing model for satellite calls is straightforward – “pay as you talk,” mirroring the roaming charges concept without requiring any subscription or prepaid fees, although rates may vary by country.

The Thuraya Skyphone’s coverage spans Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, offering a reliable communication lifeline almost anywhere on these continents.

This hybrid model not only promises to keep you connected in the most remote locations but also redefines the boundaries of where our smartphones can take us.

No word yet on when this Skyphone could make landfall in India.


What makes the Thuraya Skyphone different from other smartphones?

The Thuraya Skyphone stands out by offering standard smartphone capabilities, along with the ability to connect to satellite signals for calling and data, ensuring connectivity in areas beyond the reach of cellular networks.

How does satellite calling work on the Thuraya Skyphone?

When out of cellular coverage or overseas, the Skyphone automatically switches to Thuraya’s satellite network, allowing calls to be made and received as if on a regular network, billed on a “pay as you talk” basis.

Can I use the Thuraya Skyphone for everyday smartphone activities?

Yes, the Skyphone functions as a typical Android smartphone for daily use, including apps, web browsing, and photography, with the added benefit of satellite connectivity when needed.

Where is satellite coverage available for the Thuraya Skyphone?

Thuraya’s satellite network covers Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia, providing a wide range of connectivity for Skyphone users traveling or working in remote areas within these continents.

What are the key features of the Thuraya Skyphone?

The device boasts a large AMOLED display, durability with an IP67 rating, and a clean Android interface. Its unique feature is the ability to seamlessly transition to satellite communication, ensuring global reach.

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