MWC 2024: Tecno Reveals Phantom Ultimate Rollable Smartphone and AI Assistant Ella 

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  • Phantom Ultimate features a rollable display expanding from 6.55″ to 7.11″ in seconds.
  • Ella, Tecno’s AI assistant, introduces image generation and advanced photo editing.
  • The Phantom Ultimate design includes a unique “second display” wrapped to the back.
  • Ella offers translation services and effortless photo searching, enhancing user experience.

At the recent Mobile World Congress (MWC), Tecno showcased its innovative strides in smartphone technology, revealing prototypes that may well shape the future of mobile devices.

Among the highlights was the Tecno Phantom Ultimate, a concept that last year existed only in demo videos but has now materialized into a tangible, working prototype.

The Tecno Phantom Ultimate: A Rollable Revolution

The Tecno Phantom Ultimate: A Rollable Revolution
The Tecno Phantom Ultimate: A Rollable Revolution

The Phantom Ultimate has a dynamic display that transitions from a 6.55-inch screen, wrapping around the left edge, to a 7.11-inch screen in just 1.3 seconds with the simple push of a button.

This design not only offers a variable screen size but also introduces a unique aspect ratio, catering to various user needs with its adaptive display.

Interestingly, the device incorporates a “second display” concept.

However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that this is not a separate screen but the continuation of the main display that rolls around the back of the device.

Protected by a glass window, this design choice cleverly leverages the existing display technology while ensuring durability and protection from potential damage.

Tecno’s Foray into Foldable Tech and Future Innovations

Tecno's Foray into Foldable Tech and Future Innovations
Tecno’s Foray into Foldable Tech and Future Innovations

Sporting a thickness of 9.93mm, the Phantom Ultimate was once considered slimmer than any foldable phone on the market.

However, recent developments in foldable technology have seen competitors achieving sub-10mm thicknesses, particularly in models that fold horizontally.

Beyond the realm of rollable displays, Tecno has not shied away from exploring the foldable market, already offering two foldable models: the Phantom V Fold and V Flip.

The company’s commitment to innovation is further evidenced by its development efforts aimed at enhancing these devices.

A notable invention is the Borderless Foldable Main Screen, which employs a novel method of attaching Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) to the device.

This technique enables a reduction in bezel size, thus improving the screen-to-body ratio and offering users a more immersive viewing experience.

Tecno Dives into AI with “Ella”

Tecno Dives into AI with "Ella"
Tecno Dives into AI with “Ella”

Apart from the innovative Phantom Ultimate, Tecno is taking a bold leap into the AI world with its own assistant, named “Ella.”

This venture into the realm of AI is not just about performing routine tasks like setting alarms or playing music; Ella is designed to be an all-encompassing personal assistant that brings convenience and a new dimension to content creation directly to Tecno users.

Key Features of Ella: Enhancing User Experience with AI

Key Features of Ella: Enhancing User Experience with AI
Key Features of Ella: Enhancing User Experience with AI
  • Image Generation: Ella harnesses the power of generative AI to transform textual descriptions into vivid images, offering users a tool to bring their creative ideas to life. This feature mirrors the capabilities of OpenAI’s Dall-E, promising to add a creative spark to user projects.
  • Translation Powerhouse: The AI boasts robust translation capabilities, including call translation, social media post translation, and the generation of subtitles for videos, aiming to make communication seamless across languages.
  • Inclusive Enhancements: Recognizing the importance of diversity, Ella is designed to adapt its image generation and photo enhancement features to cater to different regions, ensuring that every user benefits from tailored and optimal results.
  • Smarter Photo Editing: Ella introduces advanced photo editing features, allowing users to effortlessly remove unwanted elements from their photos, akin to Google’s Magic Eraser. 
  • Effortless Photo Searching: Searching for photos in your gallery is made simple with Ella. By using straightforward descriptions, users can quickly locate specific images without the need to scroll through extensive collections, a feature reminiscent of Google Photos.

Tecno has not yet announced specific release dates for these features, but expectations are set for their arrival on Tecno phones by this summer.

Expect a date soon for Tecno’s key market of India.


What is the Tecno Phantom Ultimate?

The Tecno Phantom Ultimate is a concept smartphone showcased by Tecno at MWC, featuring a rollable display that can extend and retract with the push of a button, offering a unique and adaptive viewing experience.

How does Ella, Tecno’s AI assistant, enhance the smartphone experience?

Ella offers a range of AI-driven features such as generative image creation, translation services, and smart photo editing, making it a comprehensive tool for content creation, communication, and photo management on Tecno devices.

Can the Phantom Ultimate’s display size change dynamically?

Yes, the Phantom Ultimate’s display can dynamically change from a 6.55-inch screen to a 7.11-inch screen within 1.3 seconds, offering users flexibility and a novel interaction with their device.

What unique features does Ella provide for photo editing and searching?

Ella allows users to remove unwanted elements from photos, create personalized stickers, and search for images in their gallery using simple descriptions, streamlining photo editing and organization.

When will Tecno release the Phantom Ultimate and Ella features?

While Tecno has showcased the Phantom Ultimate and Ella, specific release dates for these features have not been announced. However, they are expected to be available on Tecno phones by this summer, particularly in key markets like India.

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