These Xiaomi Smartphone Models Now Support Reliance Jio 5G

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Xiaomi is one of the biggest tech giants in the world that has rolled out many excellent devices but there are some smartphone models that are now compatible with Reliance Jio 5G as the company has now rolled out a new software update for its 5G handsets.

Thanks to this update, certain Xiaomi smartphones will be able to support the standalone 5G network of Reliance Jio, while there are strong speculations that the update may also support Airtel 5G network on Xiaomi handsets.


  • Xiaomi has now rolled out a software update that has enabled Jio 5G on their phones.
  • The update should also support Airtel’s 5G network on Xiaomi phones.
  • Previously, OnePlus had also announced a similar partnership with Jio.

Xiaomi Smartphones Compatible with Reliance Jio 5G

Xiaomi is one of the most popular brands when it comes to smartphones and other devices, which has acquired a huge reputation for churning out long-lasting and compatible smartphones, apart from being the top smartphone brand by shipment volume for India.

Xiaomi 13 Pro

Xiaomi has recently partnered with Reliance Jio, one of India’s biggest telecom giants, to enable 5G connectivity on their smartphones so that Xiaomi’s devices will now be able to support Jio’s standalone 5G network easily, which is the need of the hour ever since 5G services were introduced in India in October 2022.

List of Xiaomi Smartphones Supporting Reliance Jio 5G Network

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Xiaomi Smartphones Conclusion

With this partnership, Xiaomi is now counted among the other brands that rolled out 5G partnerships in India like OnePlus, which also entered into a partnership with Reliance Jio to enable 5G network in their smartphones.

Xiaomi Smartphones to support 5g

Just to be clear, there are many other formats of 5G connectivity that will be supported by these rollouts and partnerships so that the smartphones are compatible with not only Reliance Jio’s 5G network but also Bharti Airtel’s non-standalone 5G networks in India.

For the unversed, standalone 5G is the term used for the network infrastructure where both core and customer endpoints of the network are upgraded to suit the requisite latency and bandwidth specifications of 5G network, while non-standalone 5G shares the same network infrastructure core with 4G but with upgraded endpoints.

Xiaomi Confirms All Its Phones Support Airtel 5G

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