Sony-Honda Joint Venture To Produce An Autonomous Electric Car With The PS5 System

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Are we expecting a new dynamic product from a joint venture that can bring revolutionary changes into the automotive industry? Yes, we are seeing Sony and Honda making their time to brainstorm the idea whose foundation stands that the upcoming Honda entertainment-focused electric vehicle should be accessorised with Sony’s PS5 system. It’s the result of the growing integration of infotainment systems by automotive companies to expand the consumer base for their product and give them an upper hand. EVs and PS5 systems put together can surely provide a dreamy experience to their tech-fanatic consumers for just receiving the best of both worlds.

The president of this joint venture between Sony and Honda, Izumi Kawanishi expressed positivity towards the project by stating that the execution of the idea is “technologically possible” and the team is soon planning to include the PS5 platform into Honda’s entertainment-focused EV. To deliver his idea and the real possibility around the notion he further added that “To enjoy the space in your car, you have to make it a space where you don’t need to drive,” However, the president also asked spectators to wait a little longer as the project and execution might need a new approach than before and will take some time hit the floor.

The chairman of Sony Honda Mobility, Yasuhide Mizuno also revealed his motive behind the thought, when he mentioned that he aims to “develop a car as hardware that will cater to the entertainment and network we would like to offer,”

Honda and Sony Joint Venture

Honda and Sony Joint Venture

These two Japanese companies Honda and Sony, who are the experts and have reached an apex level to manufacture technologically advanced devices, have recently joined forces in June to put in place a new company that will attempt to accomplish a dreamy idea of producing High-end EVs with added services for mobility. Just a while ago, in October these two companies declared the plan of producing their first EV that will set a new yardstick for the upcoming EVs. This new Joint Company has further announced plans to deliver the EV in 2026 in the United States with the pre-order facility starting in 2025.


Soon the users will get the Honda’s EV embedded with Sony’s PS5 system. The brainstorming on the project has begun and the final product is expected to be launched in 2026. There are still numerous things that the new joint company needs to confirm and the specifications are yet not public. However, people are appreciating and excited about the new development.

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