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With all the social platforms bringing various upgrades, Snapchat also joined the bandwagon. US-based multimedia instant messaging app Snapchat is planning to launch a premium subscription-based service. The yet-to-be-launched service called Snapchat Plus will offer some exclusive features. According to the report, the paid subscription service is currently in “early internal testing”.

The popular social media platform is used by millions globally. Here is what you need to know about the Snapchat Plus:

Going by the report, the Snapchat Plus subscribers will have access to new public features. Snapchat is yet to reveal details about its upcoming paid subscription plan.

It is being speculated that the Snapchat Plus subscribers will have the facility to pin their friends to the top of their list. A special badge on the profile of Plus subscribers will reportedly be shown and they will have access to exclusive icons.

Additionally, they will be able to check how many times someone watched their story.

Price of Snapchat Plus

As per reports, the subscription charge for Snapchat Plus will be around EUR 4.59 (around Rs377). Also, subscribers will be able to choose their plan as per their choice such as annual or bi-annual. The actual price of Snapchat Plus will be revealed after the service will be introduced officially.

Before Snapchat, other popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Telegram are also working on paid subscription plans. Instagram is working on a paid subscription plan for creators.

Shared Stories

Earlier, Snapchat also announced the “Shared Stories” feature, which is also an iteration of the already available “Custom Stories” ability.

The “Shared Stories”, feature redesigns the way how users collaborate and share memories. Snapchat already had “Custom Stories” that work in the same way, but with a very limited range. Custom Stories allows the creator to make a story and then add a selected list of friends to view and contribute. However, with the “Shared Stories,” the users can add their friends, and then those friends can add their friends and make it a whole party.

How to use Shared Stories

Users can start a Shared Storie by heading to their profile, tapping the new story option, and then selecting “Shared Story.” As with all stories sent on Snapchat, Snaps sent to a Shared Story are automatically deleted after 24 hours. However, unlike regular friend Stories and Groups, there is not a chat component for Shared Stories.

Snapchat says content is moderated using a combination of automatic language detection and community review tools. In addition, the app will notify users if they’ve joined a Shared Story with someone they have blocked. Snapchat says this will allow users to remain in control of who they share content with on the app.

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