How to use the shared stories feature on Snapchat

With all the social platforms bringing various upgrades, Snapchat also decided to join the queue. So, it has also added a new feature to its already long feature list available on the platform. The new feature is named “Shared Stories”, which is also an iteration of the already available “Custom Stories” ability.

With the new feature, Snapchat is giving the snap chatters a bigger platform to connect and share all the fun with the maximum crowd. Using this new feature, the users can not only invite their friends but also connect with their other friends to join the story, creating maximum engagement on that post. Here’s a detailed view of what the feature offers:

Snapchat shared stories: Invite the friends of your friends

Snapchat is set to bring the “Shared Stories”, a feature that redesigns the way how users collaborate and share memories. Snapchat already had “Custom Stories” that work in the same way, but with a very limited range. Custom Stories allows the creator to make a story and then add a selected list of friends to view and contribute. However, with the “Shared Stories,” the users can add their friends and then those friends can add their friends and make it a whole party.

As snap also says,  “for the whole soccer team, camp squad, or group of coworkers to get in on the fun,” the feature is super fun. Also, one thing that is the same with this also is that like every other Snap, this one too will stay for 24 hours and then disappear.

How to start with the get started with Snapchat shared stories

You can start a Shared Story by heading to your profile, tapping the new story option and then selecting “Shared Story.” As with all stories sent on Snapchat, Snaps sent to a Shared Story are automatically deleted after 24 hours. However, unlike regular friend Stories and Groups, there isn’t a chat component for Shared Stories. Snapchat says content is moderated using a combination of automatic language detection and community review tools. In addition, the app will notify users if they’ve joined a Shared Story with someone they have blocked. Snapchat says this will allow users to remain in control of who they share content with on the app.

Snapchat reveals that this feature lets users turn shared moments into shared memories. Similar to the custom stories, where it allows you to invite your friends to a story, this feature goes ahead and lets your friends as well invite their other friends to contribute and share their memories to a story.

“Now, with our new and improved Shared Stories, Snapchatters who’ve been added to the group can add their friends as well, making it easier for the whole soccer team, camp squad, or group of new coworkers to get in on the fun,” said the company in its blog post.

In case you have joined a Shared Story with someone who you have blocked on Snapchat, then Snapchat will notify you about it, and so if you want to leave the Shared Story, you can easily do it.

“We also notify Snapchatters if they have joined a Shared Story with someone they have blocked. This gives Snapchatters the opportunity to leave the Shared Story, and ensures Snapchatters are always in complete control over who they share content with on our platform,” the blog post continued.

How to use the Snapchat Shared Stories feature

1. Open Snapchat and click on the Profile icon on the top left.

2. Click on the “+New Story” option next to the My Stories header.

3. Select Shared Stories from the list of options.

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