Roku Is Coming Up With 36 New Channels For Free This Month

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The entertainment industry is just getting smarter and more feasible for worldwide viewers to stream a gazillion channels from one medium. Just in time, Roku has added 36 new channels that will be free for this month and the users are rightly stoked. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, the most talked about channels among the 36 new channels are the baking channels and their smart spin-offs.

Besides Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Roku devices has been among people’s favorites since 2017 with adding a number of new channels every now and then with providing free shows and movies to expand its consumer base and enhance consumer experience. The list of 36 new channels added are exciting and deal with different genres of entertainment.

  1. About K-Content by CJ ENM: adding #1 Asia channel that provides K-content
  2. All Real
  3. All Reality WEtv
  4. All Weddings WEtv
  5. AMC Showcase: More drama and more stories
  6. AMC Thrillers
  7. At Home with Family Handyman: Home decor channel
  8. Emeril Lagasse Channel: Cooking tips and tricks from celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse
  9. Fear Factor
  10. FilmRise Food
  11. FITE 24/7: Sports and entertainment channel
  12. Gardening with Monty Don: Channel that will explore through Gardening with Monty Don with the setup of his house in the UK.
  13. Great American Adventures
  14. Great British Baking Show
  15. HBCU-Go Sports
  16. HSN
  17. IFC Films Picks: intriguing documentaries
  18. Jamie Oliver: celebrity chef Jamie Oliver Cooking channel and more
  19. Like Nastya: channel for kids entertainment
  20. Martha Stewart Channel: Celebrity chef Martha Stewart Channel and how to’s regarding home decor and beyond!
  21. PBS Antiques Roadshow: Stream this channel to get to know about  Heirlooms and flea market, alongwith Antiques Roadshow episodes.
  22. Perfect Game TV: World’s leading amateur baseball and softball game platform.
  23. PGA TOUR
  24. Places & Spaces: This channel will provide you with interiors, exteriors, and everything beyond and between for home decor.
  25. QVC: QVC introduces to the collection of familiar brands and fresh new products and services circling around the same.
  26. Slightly Off by IFC
  27. Sony KAL Hindi: Entailing most celebrated and iconic Hindi shows
  28. Stories by AMC: AMC shows with bold and inventive stories
  29. Telemundo California (West)
  30. Telemundo Florida
  31. Telemundo Noreste
  32. Telemundo Texas
  33. The Biggest Loser
  34. The Block: Center for Black movies and entertainment, a way to appreciate black culture
  35. The Walking Dead Universe:
  36. TheGRIO:

It’s a known fact that Roku had exploded in popularity as it came with the smart concept of low-cost, compact set-top boxes for enabling over-the-top OTT media consumption. Roku had introduced its tenth generation of the product with the Roku streaming stick with different enjoyable features and compatibility to other next generation inventions. Roku also introduced a budget model of the 10th edition with the same features to reach more people.



Aforementioned listicle promises the entertainment of all the members of the family. Streaming videos that will do good and lift your mood, might help you in exploring your new hobbies, coming alot handy during all the festivities on the way, Be glad you have Roku!

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