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Netflix recently launched its Netflix Basic with Ads subscription plan in many regions around the world including the US. Although the list of countries where the plan would be made live doesn’t include India, it appears that the company may announce similar plans for all regions anytime soon. The streaming platform has been facing tough competition worldwide and has reported a massive drop in the number of subscribers in their post pandemic analysis reports. Netflix with ad plans will be more affordable for users and thus this step is largely being seen as the company’s way of pushing more people to get a Netflix account membership. Before the Netflix ads plan India is officially announced, we bring to you every detail that there is to know about the new subscriber plans.

These “Netflix Basic with Ads” Plan details are based on what the company has announced in the US market. Users must note that these details could change as and when the plan is officially announced for Indian subscribers.

As the name suggests, the Netflix Basic plan with Ads brings advertisements to Netflix’s already popular Basic subscribers plan. With ads joining the Basic plan, users can expect to have an experience similar to YouTube without the premium subscription. According to Netflix’s announcement for the US market, the Basic with Ads plan will have about 4 to 5 minutes of advertisement per hour of streaming. Both new and existing Netflix plans subscribers can opt for this plan based on their requirements and suitability.

As reported by the media personnel in the US, there is no consistent plan or pattern of when the advertisements would appear during a particular streaming session. Users can, however, expect to see advertisements at the beginning of a new show or movie, in the middle after every set number of viewing minutes and also at the time switching from one show or movie to another. Amidst this, there will also be movies that will have advertisements only once during the whole runtime.

Netflix Basic with Ads Subscription

The content available for the Basic with Ads plan would be more or less similar to other Netflix subscription plans. However, Netflix will restrict the video quality to 720p/HD. The streaming company has also made it clear that a few shows and movies might not be available with the plan due to licence issues. However, the company is said to be working on this as well and users can expect a resolution in due time.

According to Netflix, the advertisement during streaming would be similar to any standard web streaming advertisement. They would ideally be 15 to 30 seconds long. The advertisement, according to Netflix’s official announcement, can be paused by the user. However, users would not be able to skip the advertisement when they are on the Netflix Basic with Ads Subscription plan. Similar to YouTube, Netflix will also have a countdown time card running on the top right side of the screen for users to keep a track of how much time of advertisement is left during a particular streaming session.

This is Netflix’s affordable ad-supported plan to attract another user segment of the market. In the US, the Netflix Basic with Ads will cost $6.99 a month. The plan is also available in various other regions that include Australia, Canada, Italy, Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, Korea, Japan, Mexico, the UK and the US.

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