Instagram May Soon Let You Add a Song to Your Profile, Feature Reportedly Being Tested

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In the bid of staying ahead of its competitors by miles, Instagram is bringing a new feature allowing its users to add songs to their profiles. Myspace introduced this feature way back but it could not gain pace in the social media platforms. Earlier Myspace rolled out this feature in the 2000s even before Orkut and Facebook came into being. it allowed the users to set a background song complementing their profile.

Likewise, the users accessed the ability to publicly express themselves through the song complementing their personality or profile.  It has now become the most awaited feature update among users eager to get a new user experience after the software update.

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Current Scenario

There is stiff competition among social media platforms to present themselves as more engaging for the users. They aim their best to be as zanzy and quirky as possible. It involves always being creative in thinking and creating something cooler to get new users aboard. Recently, Alessandro Paluzzi, developer and notable leaker, tweeted a few screenshots depicting the new feature.

He revealed that this astounding feature would appear at the bottom of your bio on Instagram just below the link section. This would give a wholly new experience to the users as this most awaited update would enhance the profile presentation. The profile song or band would tell loads about you- something that your profile picture or details could not.

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add songs to your profiles

The Way Ahead

Instagram has not released the update for its users yet. Presently, its users can add music to their stories while selecting songs from the app’s library or from third-party apps such as Spotify etc.

In the meantime, Instagram, the meta-owned photo-sharing app has made several modifications to its social media platform to protect users from abuse along with hidden word updates. The company announced through a blog post that the accounts once blocked could not connect with you again easily.

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Hidden words play an effective role in the automatic removal of any damaging content for message requests and comments. the company stated that 40% fewer comments might be termed as offensive. the company is in process of testing the automatic application of hidden words for creator accounts. the users would have access to its permissions in settings for the words, phrases, or emojis they wish to hide.

Instagram Profile Song- Journey Till Now

The Myspace era started in the early 2000s. between 2005 to 2008 it became the largest social networking website in the world as it overtook search giants Google and Yahoo and became the most visited website in the US. Its downfall started with the end of google’s advertising partnership in 2009 when its revenue fell below Twitter and Facebook and other competitors.

However, this could not end the lookout for adding songs to the profile of the users. Few dating sites like Hinge still allow users to add songs to their profiles. If the feature is released more publicly then it may surely return to the popular mainstream social media platforms as it was during the Myspace era.

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