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Do you have an Instagram account? Are you fond of ads? Would you like a profile with new ads?

In Brief

Among the numerous social media platforms in existence, Instagram is arguably the most popular one we have today along with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, among others but these days, it seems Instagram and TikTok are the ones that have captured public imagination.

Almost every individual who owns a smartphone will have Instagram installed in it where you constantly post images, videos, stories, and regular posts, similar to WhatsApp where everyone could smoothly work things out through its features.

However, if there is one thing that many people hate while watching videos are the ads that constantly pop up in the middle of any video they’re watching, which only results in frustration.

The latest buzz doing the rounds is that from now on, even Instagram profiles will feature ads, which is seen as a bad move as Instagram has been receiving enormous backlash from the public for its increased focus on video content but it seems that the platform is going ahead with the plans.

This implies that we will soon see ads on Instagram profiles and also on the Explore tab, which users already had to see while scrolling through the feeds of the Explore page, but from now on, Instagram has also given permission to businesses to put ads on the Explore homepage as well.

The explore homepage is the one that you see upon first opening the main tab where you find a grid of videos and images but there are also ads that are quite large in size due to which they occupy a massive portion of the explore grid.

You will find many ads that are ‘sponsored’ along with the account holder’s name and a ‘learn more’ button, which clearly specifies that it is an ad. But now with profiles to also feature ads, users will now have to deal with them while scrolling through another’s account in his/her explore grid.



This is a clever content strategy by Meta as it is hoping to cash in on ads via Facebook Reels while the Instagram profile ads are currently in its testing phase so, as of now, they’ll be only in the ‘non-teen, public profiles’.

Meta has had to deal with a massive plunge in Facebook revenue in the last quarter, which is why it hopes to earn some money with the help of ads on Instagram profile, which will also help it in overtaking TikTok in terms of popularity.

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