India’s Compatible Digital Ecosystem In The Hands Of Airtel And Meta

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On 5th December 2022, Bharti Airtel and Meta announced an alliance that will help to escalate India’s Digital ecosystem. The development in infrastructure along with the CPaaS-based new-age digital solutions that the nation requires can only be achieved through some collaboration. With all the focus on establishing global connectivity infrastructure, both companies are collaborating and investing that will ultimately lead to an enhanced customer experience. It is further tipped that STC will help in bringing the ‘world’s longest subsea cable to India, that is 2Africa pearls. The aim to bring the longest subsea cable in the world to India is to pull out high-speed and turbo connectivity to the people.

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It’s almost beyond impossible to imagine our lives with a slow internet connection. Let’s not even talk about the frustration and havoc this situation creates in the spur of the moment. Both companies are intending to stretch the cable to the landing station of Airtel in Mumbai. Moreover, to surge the connectivity capacity across the submarine network portfolio. Here we will have 2Africa Cable in the picture that will rapidly strengthen the ‘cable capacity’ and allow global businesses to facilitate the latest integrated solutions with the adjective of offering a top-notch connectivity experience to the users.

Words from the collaborating companies

“We, at Airtel, are delighted to deepen our partnership with Meta to serve India’s digitally connected economy by leveraging the technology and infrastructure strengths of both companies. With our contributions to the 2Africa cable and Open RAN, we are investing in crucial and progressive connectivity infrastructure which is needed to support the increasing demand for high-speed data in India. We look forward to working closely with Meta to deliver best-in-class digital experiences to our customers in India.” Bharti Airtel, Global Business CEO, Vani Venkatesh explained how the collaboration will function.

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Digital Ecosystem

Vice president of Mobile partnership of Meta, Francisco Varela addressed his ideas by stating “Subsea cables and open, disaggregated networks continue to play a huge role in the foundational infrastructure needed to support network capacity and fuel innovation. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Airtel to further advance the region’s connectivity infrastructure that will enable a better network experience for people and businesses across India,”


The collaboration between Bharti Airtel and Meta to enhance the digital ecosystem of India with inclusion of 2Africa cable is among the nation’s requirements for the relevance of ‘survival of the fittest’ theory in this world. Thanks Darwin!

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