Facebook Multiple Profiles: Social Media Giant To Take User Customisation to the Next Level 

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  • Create up to four additional personal profiles with Facebook Multiple Profiles, each tailored to a specific community or interest.
  • Seamlessly switch between profiles without the need for multiple logins.
  • Initial rollout excludes some features like Marketplace and Dating on additional profiles.

In a move set to revolutionise user experience on social media, Facebook has announced the introduction of a Facebook Multiple Profiles feature.

Designed to provide a customised and organised interface, this feature will allow users to create up to four additional personal profiles.

The global rollout for Facebook Multiple Profiles starts today and is expected to continue over the next few months.

How Does Facebook Multiple Profiles Work

Facebook Multiple Profiles

Users can now assign a unique name and an @username to a maximum of four additional Facebook Multiple Profiles.
Each profile can be linked to a specific set of friends, groups, or communities, creating a customised Feed filled with relevant content and shared interests.

Switching between these profiles is made effortless, requiring no additional logins.

While Facebook Multiple Profiles are a significant upgrade, it’s important to note that not all features will be immediately available on these additional profiles.

For instance, features like Facebook Dating, Marketplace, Professional Mode, and payments will be temporarily unavailable.
Initially, only messaging will be supported, but Facebook plans to extend Messenger functionalities to Facebook Multiple Profiles in the coming months.

Privacy Controls on Facebook Multiple Profiles

Upon the creation of an additional profile, default privacy and notification settings will automatically apply.

However, users have the flexibility to manage certain settings independently for each profile, such as who can see the profile’s posts or who can send friend requests.

Facebook recommends thoroughly checking and updating the privacy settings for each new profile you create.

Why is Facebook Introducing Multiple Profiles?

The decision to implement Facebook Multiple Profiles comes after a year of rigorous testing and user feedback.

Users reported a preference for an organized structure that allows them to engage more freely with relevant audiences.

This feature takes cues from Instagram, where separate interest-based accounts have been successful.


Ques) What is the Facebook Multiple Profiles feature all about?

Facebook Multiple Profiles allows users to create up to four additional personal profiles. This lets you keep your personal, professional, and interest-based relationships separate, offering a unique Feed for each profile.

Ques) How do I switch between multiple profiles?

Switching between Facebook Multiple Profiles is simple and does not require logging out and logging back in. The user interface is designed for effortless toggling between profiles.

Ques) Are all Facebook features available on the additional profiles?

Not initially. At launch, features like Dating, Marketplace, and payments won’t be available on your additional Facebook Multiple Profiles. However, messaging will be supported, and more features are expected to be added in the coming months.

Ques) How does this feature affect my privacy settings?

When you create a new profile, it comes with default privacy and notification settings. You can, however, customise these settings for each of your Facebook Multiple Profiles independently.

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