Meta Plans on Facebook & Instagram to Get More Paid Features

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Facebook & Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms we have today with billions of users worldwide. However, demand and supply are directly proportional to one another, which is why these platforms are at the pedestal they are now.

Meta Facebook & Instagram

It is also true that there are no free lunches and you always have to pay for everything and its no different in this case either. Many users complain about the constant ads on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook as they would like to watch the videos without interruption.

There are a large number of users that want to turn off these ads for which they are willing to pay for it but Meta, owner of Facebook & Instagram, is in no mood to see this come to fruition and are totally determined to grow the ads business to a whole new level.

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Brief Up

Meta Platforms Inc. is planning to set up a new product organization where it plans to introduce more paid features in WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook. It is also working out on how to stop the users from paying to turn off ads and don’t seem to understand that users want to watch videos without unnecessary interruptions.

The company has refused to comment or elaborate further on the matter so it can be assumed that the plans for new paid features might go ahead, which will put Meta on par with Twitter Inc. and Snap Inc., both of which are launching paid tiers for unlocking new features.


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