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Our generation is blessed with the pros of technology, the innovations we see around smartphones and other consumer electronics always catch the eyes of the consumers. Among these, the most talked about and loved device by consumers is Bluetooth. It won’t be wrong to say that Bluetooth is a smart development for widely enabling and promoting wireless connections between devices. However, just like the flip side of every story, bluebugging is a matter of concern with BlueTooth connections. As bluebugging is very much capable of breaching security and stealing data from BlueTooth-connected devices, along with the augmenting numbers of Hackers across the world.

It’s an unarguable discovery that Technology is booming like never before. While technology is on its robust journey to reach the crescendo of being the consummate supplier of all services, there are some breaches and hindrances in the way that can question the security levels of such devices. The trend of wireless connection systems to get rid of the entire duty of carrying wires and cords has given us Bluetooth and the cyber-attack via BlueTooth connection gave us Bluebugging.

What is Bluebugging?

Bluebugging is also referred to as Bluetooth hacking and Bluejacking. Bluebugging is the process in which hackers enable their way into a device based on its discoverable Bluetooth connection. Briefly, hackers can raid other devices by connecting their device to the prey’s device to rob the sensitive and confidential data from the device, along with establishing illicit control on the hacked device.

What enables bluebugging?

The prerequisite for bluebugging is the hacker and a connectable device at a distance of 10 meters. Hackers use force pairing to the device, where the hackers use all the potentially possible passwords to create connectivity with the device. Followed by installing Malware from where hackers can loot confidential data and have full control over the prey’s device to access their calls, and messages, manipulate contact details and contact numbers, etc. This can also be escalated to more dangerous levels and hackers can even raid your banking apps and transact money from the bank. Moreover, the hacker can bully and blackmail the user by getting hold of private videos saved on the device.

Bluebugging Bug

Which devices must be more careful with Bluebugging?

In reality, every device is prone to Bluebugging if the device is supported by Bluetooth. Wireless devices, such as smartwatches, earbuds, etc., that are capable of recording calls can be hacked via Bluetooth connection.

Ways to keep Bluebugging at Bay

  1. Toggle off the BlueTooth button when not in use.
  2. Avoid using open public wifi (it can be a TRAP)
  3. Always keep your device updated with recently rolled-out software versions.
  4. Avoid using your name for the BlueTooth device.
  5. One must restart the device after using public Wi-Fi.
  6. Keep one antivirus app on your device, regularly using it to scan malware and viruses in the device.
  7. Maintain track of all the connected devices to theBlueTooth. Delete the saved devices if no longer in use.
  8. It is advisable not to share sensitive data through Bluetooth. Use different mediums instead.


The bluebugging cyber-attack can hollow your device. Try to stay away from this approaching catastrophe by following major steps.

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