Emoji Meanings: Types of Emojis and What Do They Mean

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Emojis are a vivid pictorial language that was initially introduced to make the online chatting experience more immersive. Depicting human emotions through funny-looking expressions, emojis today dominate in every sort of informal online communication. These are loved and widely used by internet users from across generations. Emojis’ popularity has been such that more and more platforms have introduced them to their users over time. These have also grown in numbers from a few hundred to now a few thousand. With thousands of emojis getting added to the repository, it often gets difficult to remember each and every one of them along with their meaning and types. So, we bring to you a list of types of emojis and their meaning as an easy reference point for the next time you wish to use the emoji language.

Types of Emojis

Emojis are usually divided and layered into different categories. Even when we have to use them emojis are usually stacked together in one segment from where users can find the expression they want to use for what they want to convey. There are no particular category names but if we have to name these different categories, it would be something as follows.

  • Smileys and People
  • Food and Drinks
  • Activities
  • Animals and Nature
  • Travel and Places
  • Symbols and Flags

What Do These Emojis Mean?

Types of Emojis

Smileys and People – These emojis are everyday human emotions, expressions and feelings such as happy faces, laughing faces, sad faces, and grinning faces amongst a long list of others. People of all ages, creeds, groups, sections, and professions can also be found depicted through these emojis.

Food and Drinks – What is life without good food being a part of it? This category of emojis offers pictorial imagery of different food items, starting from an apple to pasta, they have it all. People use these emojis whenever they want to show or talk about food, ask someone for lunch or dinner or simply express what they wish to eat.

Activities – From running, and walking to skiing and paragliding, every human activity has an emoji for you to express in pictorial format. These emojis are funny-looking and widely used in different conversations.

Animal and Nature – Right next to humans and their feelings and emotions are the animals and nature. Animals are a part of lives and the emojis world is not without them. There is a whole segment of emojis that uses pictorial depictions of animals and nature around us to convey different meanings in the emoji language.

Travel and Places – These are a set of emojis that include pictorial depictions of different locations, buildings, structures, and also all possible modes of transport. These are also heavily used by people to convey what they want to say when discussing travel or some places. These also carry maps and other travel-related emojis.

Symbols and Flags – Emojis also have a section that stores various other symbols that often use in the real world for some meaning. These include special occasions or festivity-related symbols just as crackers, sparkles, stars or planets among others. The same section has all important flags including country flags as well.

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