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We are fond of information and that too exact information. And in addition to this users always are eager to know the balance left on their number. Likewise, the case with the BSNL SIM is where users want the exact balance left or they have sufficient and satisfactory balance to run the day or a week, or even a month.

Telecom industries are trying to make it easy for their subscribers to check and monitor run-of-the-mill services. In line with this, the network provider and operator facilitate different USSD codes that keep users updated with all the information and data that can interest them, including internet balance, main balance, validity, SMS balance, call minutes, and special offers.

Technology has been flexible and can be molded according to our demands and there are many ways to get the exact same details. The Person with BSNL prepaid Number can know about the balance in different ways via the BSNL application or USSD codes.

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Let’s see how the BSNL number balance can be achieved with different methods. Note that we are here only addressing BSNL prepaid numbers.

Check SIM ‘Validity’ First !

To check the validity of the BSNL Prepaid number, the subscriber must dial *123*1#. By doing this, The user will be aware of the main balance of the number, along with the validity of the prepaid number in detail.

And to know more about the remaining validity of the number, use the application that the user receives by dialing this code.

Check the BSNL prepaid number balance

Check balance Via USSD codes

The simplest and least time-consuming way of checking the BSNL prepaid number balance is by utilizing the very important and reliable USSD codes. There are different USSD codes for providing different information. Given below is the step to step guidebook on how to know your BSNL number balance via the USSD code that the network provides.

  1. Open the call app on your phone that has the BSNL prepaid SIM. Then, dial *123#  or *124*1# (USSD codes).
  2. After doing this, the user will receive an SMS from the Telecom provider staging the information of the remaining balance of the given BSNL number.


Check SMS pack balance via USSD codes

Users must use the USSD codes that will give them monumental information about the SMS pack used and the remaining balance of the same. Dial on the following codes to get the desired information:





USSD codes to check BSNL Data Balance Numbers

The users can also check the data balance of the BSNL prepaid number. It’s a cakewalk. There are the following USSD codes that will serve you with different information regarding the BSNL number data balance:

  1. Dial  *123*6# or *123*10# to check the 2G or 3G data balance.
  2. Dial *124# to check the 4G data balance.
  3. Check your net balance by dialing *124*2#.
  4. Moreover, to check the night data balance, users can call on to *123*8#.

Check balance via My BSNL Application

This way is easy too and maybe a stop for all types of inquiry. You can check your balance, be it the main balance, SMS balance, data balance, validity, and the offers coming forth through simply having and actively using the MY BSNL application.

Install the ‘My BSNL’ App through Android Google Play Store and iPhone App Store and check all the desired balances, you can see all the options on the home screen.


Check your BSNL prepaid number balance and be secured with the information and details by following the aforementioned methods.

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