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If you are a Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) customer, you can now easily get a fancy mobile number, also referred to as VIP numbers or premium numbers in simple steps online. These VIP premium numbers are easy to memorize and are also available in special series or combinations for a group of users.

Both post-paid and prepaid users can easily register themselves online to avail these numbers for themselves by paying a minimal registration fee. The process of granting the VIP numbers is through an e-auction organised by the state-owned telecom operator. A segregated list of fancy numbers set in various patterns is available for the registered subscribers to choose while participating in the e-auction.

As per the BSNL release, “a vanity or fancy number is the one that has a specific sequence aimed to make your community identity simpler from others. Fancy numbers by BSNL are segregated into different patterns depending on their sequence of repetition and representation. Moreover, the patterns are categorised into three different categories on the basis of which their base bidding prices are set.”

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The e-auction is organised pertaining to the fact that the demand of such fancy VIP numbers is always high. As per the telecom operator, an e-auction of registered users is only procedure to ensure a fair chance is given to every subscriber.

BSNL VIP/Premium Number

How To Get BSNL VIP/Premium Number Online

The BSNL e-auction for premium is organised on a regular basis for each circle. Users can keep an eye at their respective circle schedule of the auction at the BSNL official website.

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Based on your specific circle area, register yourself with a registration fee to get an BSNL fancy number easily online. Below are easy steps how you can register online for a VIP BSNL number:

  1. Visit the e-auction site and select your circle.
  2. Click on the Login/ Register link from the top bar.
  3. Enter your mobile number and email ID. BSNL will share the login details on your given email ID.
  4. Now, select the Login tab after clicking on the Login/ Register link and enter your mobile number and password.
  5. Click Login to complete the process.
  6. Select Available Numbers option from the sidebar on the site to look at the available fancy numbers.
  7. Pick the number you want to bid for and then click on Continue to Cart.
  8. Now, pay the refundable registration amount and note down the closing date of bidding.

Once registration is complete with the above-mentioned steps, the users will have to place their minimum bid and participate in the e-auction. The telecom operator will then select three e-auction participants from the total number of bidders for offering every specific VIP number.

Out of those three shortlisted bidders, prioritise will be set based on the bidding amount as H1, H2, and H3. The VIP numbers for which the bidding was placed will first be available for the highest bidders. The terms & communication document also specified that all rest of the participants who will not be selected for their biddings should rest assured to get their registration fee back within 10 days after the e-auction is concluded in the circle.

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