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In case you cannot sign in to your Gmail account or use any of the Google services such as Google Photos, Google Play or Maps because your Google account is locked, the article explains the whole process of recovering the lost account with a step-by-step guide.

Following the below mentioned steps you can restore Gmail account or recover deleted Gmail Account easily.

It is important to note that to recover a Gmail account of an under-13 user, you need to reset the password and for any work, school, or group accounts, get in touch with the administrators directly.

How to Recover Gmail Account

Recover Gmail Account

To recover your Google Account or Gmail, follow the steps on the Google Account Recovery Page.

Step 1. On the Google Account Recovery Page, start the process by entering your Gmail account username that you are trying to recover.

Step 2.  Once you enter the username, the page will ask you to enter the password. In case you remember the password, simply enter that. And in case you don’t remember the password or for some reason the system is not recognising the password, the next best option is to click on the “Try Another Way” option on the bottom of the recovery page.

Recover Gmail Account

If you are already logged in on any device such as your mobile phone or computer but cannot remember the password, you will receive a prompt on the device once you tap on “Try Another Way” asking permission to recognise the account and set another password.

You can use this feature to reset a new password for my Gmail account. This method can be used to recover your password if you are logged in on your mobile device but cannot recall the password.

In case you are not logged in on any device, continue the process on the Gmail Account Recovery page after Step 2.

Recover Gmail Account

Step 3. Once you click on “Try Another Way” and you are not logged in on any mobile device, the account recovery page will ask for your recovery email address. Every Gmail account is mapped with at least one recovery email that is taken either when we create the account or anytime later on. Your recovery email id, at this stage, can be used to get back to your Gmail account even if it has been hacked and locked. Google will send a Verification code to your recovery email id and all you have to do is confirm that code at this stage. This will allow you to reset your Gmail account password.

Step 4. In case you cannot remember the recovery email Id, tap on “Try Another Way” again at the bottom of the page and move on to the other way to recover your Gmail account.

Recover Gmail Account

Step 5. In the next step, will get the option to use your registered mobile number to recover your Gmail account. Select the Text or Call option and Google will send you a verification code. Now, enter the code received by Text or Call and as the next step, you will be allowed to reset the password of your Gmail account.

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