‘Chhello Show’ India’s Oscar Nomination Awaits For Its Audience On Netflix On November 25

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We owe a huge thank you card to Netflix for releasing the ‘Chhello Show’ on the platform just in time. This has not been a piece of obscure news for the public that ‘Chhello Show’ is selected as an official entry to the Academy Awards from India. Now a wider audience can see this well-crafted semi-biographical movie showcasing the coming of age of the protagonist. The world can do with some good news and this Gujarati language movie, named Last Film Show in English, releasing on Netflix on November 25th is serving a smile to the face. This movie was released in theatres across India on the 14th of October 2021.

‘Chhello Show’ is written and directed by Pan Nalin; it tells the story of a boy, Samay, who passionately follows cinema and loves cinema dearly. This nine-year-old boy has the dream to be part of filmmaking and make magic from a 35 mm camera on the big screen for the world to see and just in the pursuit of his dreams we embark on a journey, unknown of the thick and thin of the path he has taken.

While conveying his happiness for the great collaboration with Netflix, the director of the movie placed his prime motive that this collaboration will make his film reach a gazillion of viewers and that what any filmmaker will want to pass the subject which is so close to the director’s heart and finds the urge to tell the story around that topic to reach as many people as possible. “Last Film Show is a celebration of films, food, friends, and family and now audiences across India can do exactly that from the comfort of their homes while watching it,” said the writer of the movie

Nalin added that “As a filmmaker, I dream that the movie reaches the maximum number of people, and now, thanks to Netflix, Last Film Show is just a click away,”

Chhello Show

The producer of the movie, Siddharth Roy Kapur who runs Roy Kapur Films expressed his joy, by also adding the movie is also available in Hindi dubbing on Netflix, “We are sure that the magic and beauty of Nalin’s cinematic creation will enrapture Netflix audiences in India, just as it has with theatrical audiences in India and around the world,” producer assured.

If you are among the viewers whose decision to watch a movie depends on its ratings, then we are here to assure you that the movie has received 7.8 out of 10 IMDB ratings. Moreover, the movie has been screened and also nominated at prestigious film festivals across the world, including Tribeca, and Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema. Additionally, the ‘Chhello Show’ won the best picture at the recent Asian World Film Festival held in Los Angeles. Furthermore, there is news that the movie will be having a special screening at the current going International Film Festival of India in Goa.


This year the movie selected as an official entry to the Oscars from India is ‘Chhello Show’. And this movie is available on Netflix as soon as 25th November to grab a wider audience.

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