iPhone 15 Could Come with an iPhone 5C-like Curved Design

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Numerous leaks, rumours and speculations always precede an official iPhone launch. And the story is not changing for iPhone 15 either. The model has already been speculated about so much that by now we pretty much have a decent idea of how the upcoming Apple device is going to be. The latest leak to join the series of rumours is that the next generation iPhone is most likely to adopt the iPhone 5C design and go with a curved side frame back panel. It is also been speculated that the brand might use titanium for the body of the iPhone 15 instead of stainless steel. This latest leak, however, comes from one of the trusted leakster and thus, most tech bloggers and enthusiasts are taking it as a confirmation.

Reliable tech tipsters ShrimpApplePro was the first person on Twitter to suggest that the Cupertino giant is planning to adopt a curved side frame back panel for the next-gen iPhone instead of options such as the flat back panel we have seen in iPhone 12.

Tech enthusiast and leakster ShrimpApplePro tweeted the leak on the official handle @VNchocoTaco and wrote, “So the new iPhone 15, from the early information that I have, the iPhone 15 will feature a new border design. The back edge corner (as pointed out in the images) will be rounded and not square anymore. The material also will be titanium. Still very early to take it as it is.” Adding more speculations about its similarity to 5C, ShrimpApplePro also tweeted, “So like the 5C? Idk. Will keep looking into it.” ShrimpApplePro also posted a few renders of the devices, however, nothing can be said with utmost confirmation at the moment.

iPhone 15

Although it is still only a leak or rumour and nothing can be said with utmost certainty, the similarity with the curved edges of the iPhone 5C for the next model should be a surprise for those who haave been following the brand for some time. Apple has been hinting at this as the MacBook Pro and old-gen iPhone also was launched with the same design fundamentals.

One of the best examples of this is the decade-old iPhone 5C, which was launched with a curved back and a flat display. If indeed the leak is accurate, then those waiting for the next generation iPhone should expect the brand to page out of its old playbook while making the device a lot more premium.

This will not be the first time the brand might go back to its older designs though. Even the flat body style of its latest series is extremely similar to an earlier user favourite iPhone 5 and 5S. In fact, even the curved frame design was first seen in iPhone 6, a design that reached its peak with iPhone 11.

Coming back to other leaks and rumours about iPhone 15, it is already speculated that the model will have an Apple A14 Bionic | 8 GB processor, a 6.1 inches display, a 12 MP + 12 MP rear camera setup, a 12 MP selfie camera and 4200 mAh battery among other features.

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