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In Brief

It seems Apple has decided to have 2022 all for its own because it has come up with so many great devices this year with the latest being iPhone 14 series and Apple Watch that were launched in September of that year but now it is all set to come out of with Apple iPhone SE 4 as well.

iPhone SE will be undergoing a massive change this time around as it will have many a significant upgrade so that the premium of iPhone lineups continue, even though its launch is still sometime away.

Apple iPhone SE 4 will be out sooner or later but whenever the time of release is nearing, there is a likely probability of its design, features, and specifications are leaked to the general public because there are tipsters out there that have good relations with inside sources that supply them with information regarding a device before its release.

iPhone SE 4

Features & Specifics of Apple iPhone SE 4

While not much is known about its launch date, it has been confirmed that the design of iPhone SE will be inspired by iPhone 8 series, which had with a 4.7 inch display screen with identical proportions, along with a Touch ID Home Button, similar broad bezels, with some expected changes as it will be a whole new model.

The new design, however, will also be similar to the premium model smartphones that Apple is renowned for because you will get to see a new form of verification in place of the Home button, which might be scrapped altogether.

iPhone SE is currently the only iPhone model that has an LCD screen whereas as all others have OLED screens but the rumours are ripe that Apple is looking out for 6.1 inch OLED and LCD panel suppliers as they want to explore more on its display tech options being different from previous models.

iPhone SE 4 might have a 4GB RAM as the standard option across memory configurations while the base storage might by 128GB, while the current SE storage options are 64, 128, and 256GB, while the battery capacity could be 2,900mAh units.

Coming to camera, it will have a single one at the back with a 12MP primary sensor, which is the standard option that Apple has been using for all its iPhones until now, while there will be a 7MP sensor meant for taking selfies, which is also available in current generation iPhone SE models.

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