Apple Reportedly Planning Major Rebrand from Apple ID to Apple Account

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  • Apple is considering renaming Apple ID to Apple Account.
  • The change may align with iOS 18 and macOS 15 releases.
  • “Apple Account” already appears in some contexts on Apple’s website.
  • Apple’s history of multiple naming options hints at possible changes ahead.

Apple is reportedly planning to overhaul its longstanding Apple ID system, transitioning to a new moniker: “Apple Account.”

This potential rebranding effort, as revealed by insiders in a conversation with MacRumors, signals a significant shift for the tech giant, aiming to introduce the change in line with its upcoming software updates slated for later this year.

Why Is The Change Happening Now?

Apple Reportedly Planning Major Rebrand from Apple ID to Apple Account
Apple Reportedly Planning Major Rebrand from Apple ID to Apple Account

The Apple ID, a cornerstone of Apple’s ecosystem, offers users a gateway to a multitude of services, including iCloud, the App Store, and Apple’s online storefront.

This account system enables seamless app and music purchases, data synchronization across devices via iCloud, and more, establishing itself as an integral part of the Apple user experience for well over a decade.

Speculation suggests that the transition to Apple Account could coincide with the launch of iOS 18 (codenamed Crystal) and macOS 15 (codenamed Glow), marking a new chapter in Apple’s operational lexicon.

This rebranding is expected to extend across system applications and the company’s digital presence, provided the plans go ahead.

Why Apple Account

iPhone 14
Apple is considering renaming Apple ID to Apple Account

The term “Apple Account” is not entirely new, having been spotted in various contexts on Apple’s website, such as in references to “Apple Account Balance.”

However, sources indicate a comprehensive rebranding strategy that will see the replacement of the Apple ID terminology with Apple Account across the board.

The rationale behind Apple’s contemplation of this branding overhaul remains under wraps.

It’s noteworthy that Apple has a history of considering multiple marketing names for its new services and products before settling on a final choice.

This was evident in the naming process for the operating system of the recently unveiled Vision Pro headset, with internal testing names including realityOS, xrOS, and visionOS.

Thus, while the Apple Account branding appears to be on the horizon, its eventual realization remains uncertain, contingent on Apple’s final marketing strategy.


What is Apple planning to change about Apple ID?

Apple is reportedly planning to rebrand its Apple ID to Apple Account, marking a significant shift in how users will interact with Apple services and access various platforms.

Why is Apple considering renaming Apple ID to Apple Account?

While specific reasons behind the potential rebranding have not been disclosed, it is likely aimed at streamlining user experience across Apple’s ecosystem.

When can we expect the Apple Account rebrand to take effect?

The rebrand from Apple ID to Apple Account is expected to coincide with the launches of iOS 18 and macOS 15, likely happening later in 2024.

Will the Apple Account change affect how users access Apple services?

The transition to Apple Account is primarily a rebranding effort. Users should still be able to access services like iCloud and the App Store as usual, although the system and website interfaces will reflect the new terminology.

Has Apple confirmed the rebranding from Apple ID to Apple Account?

As of now, Apple has not officially confirmed the rebranding. The information comes from sources close to the matter, and plans could still change.

How do I create an Apple ID?

Creating an Apple ID can be done when setting up a new device by tapping on “Forgot Password” or “don’t have an Apple ID” and then following the setup steps, but it can also be done in the App Store on either an iOS device or a Mac.

Creating an Apple ID is also possible on a Windows PC and on the web, so basically, you can make an Apple ID on any of your devices.

Do I really need an Apple ID?

Yes. If you use an Apple device or want to use an Apple service like Apple TV+ or Apple Music, an Apple ID is required.

On an Apple device, having an Apple ID allows you to access ‌iCloud‌, track and protect your iPhone with ‌Find My‌, sync settings if you have more than one Apple device, make ‌App Store‌ purchases, sync photos to ‌iCloud‌, and more.

An Apple ID linked to an Apple device is invaluable if your device is ever lost or stolen because it can be tracked with the ‌Find My‌ app.

A feature called Activation Lock, which is linked to the Apple ID, prevents someone who has stolen your ‌iPhone‌ from being able to use it with a new account, effectively rendering it useless.

What do I do if I forget my Apple ID password?

If you forget your Apple ID password, you can use the forgotten password feature on the ‌iPhone‌, iPad, a Mac, or the web to reset the password.

There’s also a possibility that your Apple ID could become locked with too many login attempts, and Apple also has a process for unlocking it.

Apple ID Could Be Rebranded to ‘Apple Account’ Later This Year. Details?

Apple appears to be gearing up for a major rebrand of the well-known Apple ID, with plans to rename it to “Apple Account.”

Sources familiar with Apple’s work have told MacRumors that Apple is experimenting with the new Apple Account name, and it could be introduced as soon as this year.

An ‌Apple ID‌ is an account that allows Apple users to access services such as iCloud and the App Store. The option to create and log in to an ‌Apple ID‌ is available across all of Apple’s platforms and has been accessible to users for over a decade.

With an ‌Apple ID‌, users can purchase apps and music, sync data wirelessly between devices using ‌iCloud‌ and make purchases on Apple’s online store, among other things.

The rebrand from ‌Apple ID‌ to Apple Account is expected to occur later in 2024, likely alongside the release of iOS 18 (Codename Crystal) and macOS 15 (Codename Glow).

System applications will receive modifications to reflect the change, as will Apple’s website — assuming the company chooses to implement the new branding.

Although instances of the term “Apple Account” can be found on Apple’s website, and as part of larger phrases such as “Apple Account Balance,” our sources have said that Apple intends to replace existing mentions of “‌Apple ID‌” with “Apple Account” as a means of rebranding the feature.

It is currently unclear why Apple is considering this change, and it’s important to consider that Apple often has multiple marketing names ready before new services or products launch.

With the operating system for the recently released Vision Pro headset, for instance, Apple used three different names in its internal testing –- realityOS, xrOS and visionOS.

Consequently, there is a possibility that we may not see the Apple Account branding come to fruition, for one reason or another.

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