Apple Adds Concert Recommendations to Shazam For iOS Devices

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  • Shazam introduces a new Concerts feature that curates live event suggestions based on user history.
  • The new feature seamlessly integrates with iOS 17 Spotlight search, allowing users to find concert data effortlessly.
  • Apple solidifies its holistic approach to music by offering not just song recognition but also live music discovery.

In an exciting development, Apple has revamped Shazam, a music recognition app, by incorporating a new feature called Concerts.

This new addition aims to enhance the user experience by offering tailored event suggestions based on one’s Shazam history.

While Shazam is not the first platform to delve into such recommendations—Bandsintown and Songkick have been in this US market for a while—the new Concerts feature levels up the playing field and brings a refreshing dimension to how users interact with live music.

A New Chapter for Shazam

By venturing into the domain of concert recommendations, Shazam seeks to enrich the user experience from merely identifying songs to discovering and attending live events.

It’s a natural evolution that aligns well with the broader ecosystem Apple has been building for music lovers.

How It Works

Accessing the Concerts feature is straightforward.

Once you update to the latest version of the Shazam app on your iOS device, you’ll notice a new section dedicated to Concerts.

Here, you can view a curated list of live performances based on your Shazam history and preferences.

The aim is to give you front-row access to your favourite artists’ tours and deliver exclusive content that adds value to your live music experience.

Broadening the Apple Music Ecosystem

Interestingly, Apple hasn’t stopped at Shazam. Concert data has also started appearing in the Spotlight search on iOS 17.

This move complements previous efforts by Apple Music to amplify concert awareness through special set list playlists that promote touring artists.

Apple is pulling out all the stops to deliver a seamless experience for its users to discover and appreciate live music.

Android Users, Hold Tight!

While the new Concerts feature is currently available only for iOS users,Androidenthusiasts won’t have to wait too long.

Apple has confirmed that an Android update is in the pipeline.


What is the new Concerts feature in Shazam?

The Concerts feature in Shazam provides users with personalized recommendations for nearby live events based on their Shazam history.

Is this feature available for Android users?

Currently, the Concerts feature is exclusive to iOS users. However, an Android version is in the works and will be released soon.

How does this feature integrate with other Apple services?

In addition to Shazam, concert data will also appear in the Spotlight search on iOS 17, and it complements similar initiatives on Apple Music.

Do I need to update my Shazam app to access this feature?

Yes, you will need to update to the latest version of Shazam on your iOS device to access the new Concerts feature.

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