iOS users can now delete their Instagram account using the app itself, here’s how to do it

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Recently, the Meta-owned photo-sharing platform, Instagram, added a new feature that turns your videos into short interesting reels. Now, it has something exclusive for iOS users. Now the iOS users will be able to delete their Instagram accounts straight there from the app.

Instagram did offer users the option to delete their account, but there was a whole procedure to it. The latest feature will allow users to eliminate the hustle of logging in to their web accounts and then repeating the long boring procedure of deleting their Instagram accounts. Now, they can satisfy the introvert urge of being anti-social straight for the week using the app only. Here’s all about the update and how to use it:

iOS users can now delete their Instagram using the app only

Instagram users may now instantly cancel their accounts using the mobile app. The platform did have the option to deactivate the account from the app, but not this one. Hence, to give ease to the users and to comply with the updated terms of Apple Store requirements, Instagram has enabled users to delete their Instagram accounts directly from the app.

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According to rumours, Apple’s new Program Store Review Guidelines mandate that any app that provides in-app account creation have a method for users to delete their accounts. Earlier, Instagram users had no delete option within the app. They would have to log in with their desktops and then delete their accounts permanently, which was a whole drown-out procedure.

Talking about the new functionality, a representative from Meta stated, “We want to provide users more options to manage their Instagram experience and use time. We’ve made it possible for you to remove your account using the iOS’ Settings app, however, you may still choose to temporarily disable it first.” Earlier, users had to log in to Instagram using a web browser on a mobile PC in order to delete their accounts permanently. However, things will become easier and more convenient now.

How to delete your Instagram account using the app

The new feature is now available for iOS users. Additionally, it is very simple to do it. Here’s how:

Step1: Open your Instagram account

Step2: Tap on the menu coming in the right corner on the top

Step3: Go to setting and scroll down the menu

Step4: From the settings tap on the Account

Step5: Scroll down the screen and you will find the option in the last

And that’s it! This is how you can delete your Instagram using the app itself. If you’re not sure about deleting your account permanently, you can also opt for deactivating for some time.

According to Apple’s support website, “when an account is erased from the app, the company also deletes the account from the developer’s files and any associated data that the developer is not obligated by law to keep. Apps that offer this choice to consumers give them more control over the shared personal data”.

Instagram new features

Instagram, has recently introduced its new feature where the users can share their long videos as reels. The new feature is reportedly being tested with a limited number of users from across the world. The report claims that the feature is aimed to simplify the videos on the photo-sharing app.

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Those who are part of the test can see a pop-up message saying people will be able to use the audio of the video to create their own Reels if your account is public and you share a video. Additionally, the message also adds that anyone can now create a remix with the user’s Reel and download it as part of their remix. However, users have a choice to turn off remixing from settings.

It has also added the Sensitive Content Control feature launched last year along with the new interactive features for reels, and AMBER alerts. These are some more prominent features and updates announced by Instagram recently.

According to the latest update, the Sensitive Content Control feature will now cover all surfaces “where we make recommendations,” confirmed Instagram. In addition, to Explore, users will now be able to control the amount of sensitive content and accounts they see in Search, Reels, Accounts users Might Follow, Hashtag Pages and In-Feed Recommendations.


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