Airbnb Rolled Out A Verification Policy And Norm For Cracking Down On Party Bookings

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Just when technology was booming and easily accessible to everyone, the world has seen many elicit ways to deal with different propositions, therefore we need the verification process on all applications for the security of the valuable data that we share and the verification process is equally important for the company to stay away from theft or security breaches. To secure their app from any such theft Airbnb has rolled out the necessary verification norm. The process will ensure the company with the degree of authenticity of the user signing in for further services from the company. This vacation rental company has recently announced some of the additions to the code of conduct that are to be followed by its frequent and new users to gain an exquisite experience. The hospitality giant has envisioned providing a safe and secure environment to their customers and to achieve the same Airbnb has rolled out the mandatory verification process that should be followed by all guests, along with the cracks down on the party bookings to reiterate the idea of security and negate the organization of unauthorized parties.

Verification norm for all the guests

Airbnb just in time took the charge to put top-notch security regulations to keep the security hazards at the bay. These new policies went into an official update on the app on Wednesday, November 16 2022 to aid in escalating the trust in the company pertaining to the hospitality and hosting fronts that will eventually lead to augmenting in the booking numbers. For which the company’s head of global operations, Tara Bunch added that 80 per cent of guests and hosts are verified even before the rolling out of this norm. The procedure for reservations will be as simple and friendly as before. Just the person needs to justify and verify their identity by some sort of personal information, that might as well include legal name, contact number, address, and some other details to authenticate their identity to the company. This verification process is available for the top 35 counties and regions that enjoy the company’s frequent services, which will be equivalent to 90 per cent of the entire reservations. Moreover, in some cases, the company may ask for a selfie or a government-approved identity.

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Airbnb cracks down on party bookings

Adding further to the security to provide an enhanced hospitality experience, Airbnb has declared anti-party screening expansion currently across the United States and Canada. The first version of this expansion was introduced in Australia, where if the reports are to be believed the unauthorized placement of the booking has been reduced to around 40 per cent. This addition will majorly target the younger audiences to cut down the booking process of nearby stays to their residence.


Changes are good if they serve good to society as a whole. Airbnb has just made an addition to its policies that resonates with the same objective. The policies have already been added to the app for further usage and the company is utterly hopeful that it will turn out well.

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