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Technology is booming and whatever our query will be it ought to have a solution on the technology spectrum. Some of the entertaining updates the technology can give and is easily achievable is setting the caller tune in Jio. for which Jio has systematically arranged the space for the same under Jio tunes.

What we are left to learn is how to activate this function. A few steps in and this feature can be activated. And one can get the caller to tune in to Jio via not one but four ways. Namely, Through the MyJio app, IVR, Copy JioTune from another Jio customer, and By SMS. Provided, one must have the jio number to unfold the procedure.

We will be moving forward to explain the steps for each method that can get our smartphone serenade on calls. Setting a caller tune on the jio number is not at all a task of many hands and one doesn’t need to drag their heels for long. And this is one of the features users would love to invest their time upon.

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Not very complex yet giving exalted results and choosing your way to get the caller tunes can be the deal. Let’s get a step to step itinerary of all 4 methods to get us the caller to tune in to Jio.

MyJio app

Step 1: Install the MyJio app. It will be easily available on the Play store or App store.

Step 2: Select ‘JioTunes’ that will be available on the ‘Trending Now’ option.

Step 3: Search and select the song of your choice from the lot. There you can also have a preview of the song. After that tap on ‘Set JioTune’

Step 4: On confirmation of the new setting you will get the SMS for the same. Here is the mission Accomplished!

Caller Tune On Jio


Step 1: Users must Dial 56789 from the Jio number that the user needs the Jio tune into.

Step 2: There choose the song of your choice from the top given options that will be later set as your Jio tune.

  1. Copy JioTune of another Jio customer:

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Step 1: To activate your caller tune using this method first Press * (asterisk) before the call is answered.

Step 2: After that, the user will receive an SMS that will be to assure the user’s consent.

Step 3: Respond to that SMS by ‘Y’ within 30 mins duration that will activate the chosen jio tune to the Jio number.

Caller Tune On Jio


Step 1: Send an SMS to the 56789 toll-free number, containing the first 3 words of the song/Album/film that you want from the jio tunes option.

Step 2: After that the jio number user will receive the SMS entailing the song listicle matching your preference, coming with brief and lucid instructions telling how to set the song of your choice.


To set the jio caller tune will be fun and with different ways to do the task it will make it even more exciting. Try these ways and stay tuned for more of the ‘How to’ editions that will make your technology based life easier and smarter to handle.

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