90+ Videos Related To Gta 6 Are Leaked, Making It The Biggest Leak In The Gaming Industry

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Everybody eagerly awaits GTA 6 and is hungry for any official update, but on the 18th of September, some bad events for rockstar games took place. 18th September is celebrated as the anniversary of GTA 5, but on that day, more than 90 videos about GTA 6 were leaked.

As sources claim the videos were about the gameplay of the upcoming game and revealed some big secrets, today we will be talking about the relevancy of the videos and the leaks of the game.

Female Protagonist

Bloomberg, at the start of the year, claimed that GTA 6 would have two playable characters, and one of them would be a female. This was the first time rockstar introduced a female protagonist in the GTA series.

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The leaked videos confirmed the news and showed that most games would be played through the female character. The videos featured gameplay in which the female protagonist did most of the missions.

Vice City Map

Many users of Twitter claimed that in the leaked footage, they were seeing parts of Vice City which sites that the game might be set in vice city, and even in the past, many reports said that the game would be based in the virtual Miami city that is the Vice City.

Early viewers of the leaked videos of GTA 6 said that many vehicles had “Vice City” engraved on them, and a clip of a restaurant getting looted was also shared in the leaked footage of GTA 6. Also, some billboards in the game had “Vice City” text.

The Origin of Leaked Videos of GTA 6

After airing all the leaks related to GTA 6, many viewers and readers would question where the GTA 6 leaked videos came from. Then the simple answer to the question is that the leaked videos came from the official development cell of the studio.

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The viewer of the leaked videos of GTA 6 said that the videos are from an early development stage because the graphics of the videos are not good, and the texture is also rigid and is not completed fully.

Viewers even noticed that the videos don’t have any dates mentioned on them and some people also commented that the videos may be from 2020.

Gta 6

Are The Videos Relevant?

Now let’s talk about whether the videos are real or fake; Rockstar corporation hasn’t given any denial on the videos and also hasn’t accepted the leaks. This signifies that the leaked videos are highly likely to be authentic, which is the biggest leak in the gaming industry till now.

Jason Schreier, a reporter for Bloomberg, has said that the leaks are accurate, and the leaked videos of GTA 6 can result from the Work From Home program introduced by rockstar corporation because much vital information was being shared on the cloud.

The Leak Is Going On

The leak is the biggest in the gaming industry till now, and after 12 hours of the leak, the mastermind behind it messaged Rockstar to close a deal so that they can be prevented further leaks. In the message, the person said, ” I am looking to negotiate a deal”. Officials are saying that the person might have control over the source code file of GTA 6, which is perilous, and if the file is shared, then Rockstar might delay the release of GTA 6.

People are citing that this is the same hacker responsible for the Uber data leak last week.

Final Words

The leaked videos of GTA 6 were shared on the 18th of September and are a big shock to the gaming industry and the community. The article shared information about the leak and talked about the relevancy of the leaked videos.

Some other information related to the leak is also shared in the article, like information about hackers and the leak’s origin. So this was all about the leaked updates, and we hope you liked the article.

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