WhatsApp launches picture-in-picture (PIP) mode for video calls on Apple IOS

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* WhatsApp will now allow users to be on video calls even after minimising the app.
* Video calls will appear in floating windows when the app is minimised.
* The latest update also allows users to add captions to documents shared on it.
* WhatsApp becomes the latest iOS app to get PiP video support, after Apple initially extended support for it nearly three years ago.

After releasing the update to some WhatsApp beta testers on iOS, WhatsApp has now finally released the PiP mode support for all iOS users, reports WaBetaInfo.

The support for Picture-in-Picture mode or PiP mode brings iOS users in line with their Android counterparts, who have been able to use multi-tasking features during video calls for some time.

The update means that iPhone users will no longer have to pause their video stream when minimising the app or switching to another app on their device.

The new Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode allows the user to continue their video call in a minimised window while accessing other apps on their iPhone.

The user can move the window around the screen, resize it or temporarily hide it while using other apps, making it easier to multitask without losing the connection.

WhatsApp PiP

This feature will be particularly useful for users who need to access other apps or information while on a video call without interrupting the conversation.

It will also be helpful for users who want to take notes, check their calendar or access other important information while on a call.

WhatsApp has announced several key features lately that aim to improve the overall app experience.

The chat company recently also added support for captions for documents, photos or videos that are shared across chat app. Previously, user had to rewrite the caption when forwarding any media.

The latest update changes that and now users need to simply the media as it is and the caption will accompany if there’s one.

WhatsApp PiP

Only yesterday there were also reports that the chat company has extended limit to up to 100 for sending photos and videos. Contrary to how one could only send 30 images or videos at once in the chat app, WhatsApp now allows user to share up to 100 images or other media at once.

How WhatsApp PiP Video Call works

In order to make the most of the feature, users will simply need to ensure that their WhatsApp on iPhones is updated to the latest version, i.e. 23.3.77.

WhatsApp PiP

The new version is the one that carries support for PiP mode for video calls — a feature that other services such as FaceTime has had for nearly three years now. Apple added PiP video support on their operating system in 2020, enabling video streaming in a floating window, as well as video calls in floating windows.

PiP mode, to be sure, is an important multitasking feature since it does not restrict a user from using other services, while on a call.

Other key features added as part of this new WhatsApp update include the ability for users to add written captions when sharing documents — a feature that was so far only available for sharing images and videos. The new version of the app also allows longer group descriptions, and the ability for users to create stickers and their own avatar on the platform — a feature that Meta had unveiled in December last year.

WhatsApp, Meta’s popular communications app, has added a new, much awaited feature that will allow iPhone users to be on a video call on the app, while doing other things on their phone as well.

According to reports ,the latest version of Whatsapp is being rolled out to users right now finally brings support for picture in picture (PiP) mode for video calls.

The latter refers to the app switching to a small floating window that shows participants of a video call, while keeping the user’s camera active too, even when the user exits the app and uses another service in the middle of a call.

WhatsApp PiP

FAQ’s on WhatsApp Features ( Picture in Picture mode for video calls on IOS)

1) Whats the complete changelog of the WhatsApp update?

Ans) • With support for iOS Picture in Picture (PiP), you can now multitask during a WhatsApp call without your video being paused.
• You can now add captions when sending documents
• You can now create personalized avatars and use them as stickers and profile photos. Go to Settings > Avatar to get started.
WhatsApp rolling out longer group subjects

2) How to use WhatsApp picture-in-picture video calls?

Ans) If you’ve ever used picture-in-picture mode during a facetime call on your iPhone, you’ll instantly know how to use this new WhatsApp feature.
Now when you make or accept a video call on WhatsApp, you can go to the home screen and launch another app while the call continues in a floating window.
You can move the picture-in-picture window around, double-tap or pinch-zoom it to make it smaller or more prominent.

3) How to hide your “Last Seen” on Whatsapp?

Ans) Step 1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android.
Step 2. Go to your WhatsApp settings.
On iPhone, tap Settings – the gear icon – in the bottom right corner.
On Android, tap the More icon – the three vertical dots – in the top right corner, and then select Settings in the menu.
Step 3. In Settings, tap Account.
Step 4. On the Account page, tap Privacy.
Step 5. Tap on the “Last Seen” option to change your online status.
Step 6. There are two options to hide the online or Last Seen status on your WhatsApp account — you can choose for only My Contacts to see your status or for Nobody to see your status.
After saving your settings to “Nobody” in the Last Seen section, you can rest assured that nobody would be able to check your Last Seen time stamp.

4) How To Be Online on Whatsapp Without Being Visible to Your Contacts?

Ans) There are no internal WhatsApp settings that can assist you in remaining invisible when online to the rest of your contacts. In order to stay online without being visible, you will have to use certain third-party apps such as “WA Bubble for Chat.”

You can visit Play Store on your Android device or App Store if you are iOS to download the “WA Bubble for Chat” app. Once downloaded, you can start using the app for chatting without opening WhatsApp.

All your WhatsApp will be visible in different bubbles and you can start chatting in any particular bubble without actually opening WhatsApp. This way you actually never technically are online and thus, remain invisible to the rest of your contacts.

5) What is the Companion mode for whatsapp?

Ans) Currently, WhatsApp doesn’t allow its users to log in with their WhatsApp accounts on more than one smartphone. This is most likely going to change in 2023 with the instant messaging app introducing a new “Companion Mode.” Using this feature, users will be able to link their WhatsApp accounts or the same mobile number on different smartphones.

6) What is the View Once Text feature in WhatsApp ?

Ans) The View Once Text, as the same clearly suggests, is a feature that will delete messages sent once the recipient opens and reads them once. The app already has a view once photo feature that deletes photos shared once seen. The View once text could be extremely useful when you are sharing information that you do not want the recipient of your message to save on their device.

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